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Streamline, Inc. Launches "Streamline Shipping"

Friday, 24 February 2012 | 11:00
Streamline, the subscription-based software service company, yesterday launched a new shipping application, adding to its growing menu of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) suite.
The cloud-based application equips shippers and customers with a powerful, comprehensive and secure
logistics management platform that:
• Provides a solution for Non-Vehicle Operate Common Carriers (NVOCC) and vehicle operate carriers
• Powerful and simple user interface to manage the shipping lifecycle
• Built on leading enterprise cloud platform
• Features advanced analytics and dashboards to help track all aspects of your business
• Helps companies manage the entire shipping lifecycle, from quoting to payment
• Includes built-in automation to streamline manual and redundant processes
• Offers a certified AES Direct software solution to US Government export systems
• Standard industry forms provided with customization ability
• Includes an incident tracking system that enables shippers to manage lost or damaged shipments
• Offers scalable security management by roles
• Provides a subscription-based solution, so customers receive the newest features and updates
• Supports partner networks within the system to extend your business to partners
• Introduces "Social Shipping," so you can follow conversations around shipments
• Includes online product training
• Integrates with MyFax System
• Offers language support for English, French, Spanish, Japanese and traditional Chinese
• For an additional fee, we can custom import your legacy data and provide greater customizations
• And much more!
"Today, most shipping solutions are home-grown or leverage outdated technology and methods,"
explained Chris Matthews, Streamline president. "Streamline Shipping is a cost-effective, cloud-based management tool that is both universal and personal. It provides seamless integration with the U.S.
government's AESDirect export control system for tracking shipments."
A prime advantage of the Streamline platform is its expandability and adaptability to accommodate
improvements and upgrades.
"We're already planning on the next version to include real-time tracking from the time the vessel leaves
the dock to arrival," Matthews said. "It will also include integrated risk management services and have
payment and check verification services for invoice payments worldwide."
Streamline delivers enterprise-wide products and services that maximize return on investment using an
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Streamline provides a world-class, total enterprise solution
without the large capital expense of traditional ERP systems.
Source: Streamline Inc.
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