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Guidance for Shipowners and Management Companies to assist in implementing the MLC 2006

Friday, 24 February 2012 | 16:30
The Cayman Registry issues Guidance Letter regarding Guidance for Shipowners and Management Companies to assist in implementing the Maritime Labour Convection, 2006 as follows:
As you will be aware, the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006, will soon meet the required number of ratifications for entry into force internationally. With the Tonnage threshold already met, the thirtieth ratification is likely to be achieved in the next three to six months with the Convention entering into force 12 months after that. Therefore it is anticipated by most that the Convention will enter into force by Summer 2013.
The MLC will be extended to the Cayman Islands by the UK who is the ratifying ILO Member State. Indications are that this will happen towards the end of 2012. In the meantime the Cayman Islands will be giving full effect to the MLC through their National legislation, which is how the Convention is intended to be implemented internationally. Whilst the Convention may not be extended to the Cayman Islands at the initial date of entry into force, we do not anticipate any negative impact on our ships or operators, provided that the legislation and procedures to give effect to MLC are in place before this occurs.
With this in mind, MACI encourages shipowners and management companies to develop the appropriate documentation and procedures to demonstrate compliance with the MLC, once complete they should apply to MACI for an inspection of the ship to be carried out. Once a ship inspection has been satisfactorily completed then MACI will issue a MLC Statement of Compliance. Upon ratification and extension of the Convention this statement of compliance may be exchanged for an MLC Certificate.
We have therefore, prepared a number of guidance documents which should assist you in preparing your fleet for implementation of the convention.
Whilst sufficient for the initial phase of development, these documents remain provisional and will continue to be updated as we develop the legislation and implementation further and any updates will be posted on the MLC webpage on
We would encourage all of our clients to start the process of developing and gathering the information required for the completion of a DMLC part II, using the requirements in the Regulations and standards of the Convention and the above documents.
This information has been developed to assist you in the first stages of your MLC implementation plan.
Source: The Cayman Registry
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