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Pirates could get death; life in prison is more likely

Federal prosecutors want three Somali pirates put to death.

Port industry reawakens with Law on Sea Ports

On June 14 2013 the Law on Sea Ports came into force, providing new opportunities for the Ukrainian port industry and firing the starting gun for port reform. The main implementation measures of the law have been assigned to the Ukrainian Sea Port Authority (USPA), which began operations on June 13 2013. This state enterprise, with registered capital of about

Single Hire Default Entitles Owners To Withdraw And Claim Loss Of Profit For Remaining Charter Period

A Commercial Court judge has decided that a failure to pay hire under an NYPE charterparty amounts to a breach of condition, entitling a shipowner to terminate and seek damages. This goes against the previous view generally held in the market that the obligation to pay hire under a time charter as it falls due is not a condition such that, if an owner wants to recover its future losses

Pirate Negotiator Can't Upend Life Sentences

The 4th Circuit affirmed the convictions of a Somali pirate who served as a ransom negotiator for hostages on

Tanker officers plead guilty to dumping oily water overboard, and lying about it

Two officers aboard the oil tanker M/T Stolt Facto have pleaded guilty to improperly disposing of oily bilge

USA - Procedural Changes Expand the Prospects of Escaping State Court in U.S. Maritime Litigation

Most admiralty and maritime claims in the United States can be brought either in federal court or

It is time for Ghanaians to pay attention to Maritime Law

Maritime law as a specialisation in law is not a favoured amongst Ghanaian law practitioners. A cursory survey amongst lawyers

Registration of ships and issues of tax liability

Registration of ships is an important area in merchant shipping. The subject is also governed by the UN

Keeping faith with maritime legal practice

LUKE Chukwudi Ilogu, 63, can best be described as a silent achiever in commercial and maritime law practice.

Rail emerges as key factor in US crude oil logistics

News from the US on the energy front continues to rattle the windows. New statistics reveal that North American crude oil production jumped by over 1 million barrels per day (b/d) last year, helping push global crude production up 2% to the record level of 75.6m b/d. The jump in North American output, which increased to 12.2 million b/d last year

AKD expects creditors to pursue ARA vessel arrests as bankruptcies escalate

Rotterdam-based law firm AKD has claimed creditors of ailing shipping groups such as STX Pan Ocean of South Korea,

Court Decision concerning Withholding Income Tax (IRRF) remittances for payment of vessel charters

Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. – Petrobras, concerning news broadcast in the press, explains that it is taking all the steps

Charges Reinstated Against Alleged Pirate

The Somali man who helped pirates negotiate hostage ransoms should face claims of hostage taking, as well as

Kenya: Somali Pirates Jailed for Five Years

Nine Somali pirates were yesterday sentenced to five years by a Mombasa court for hijacking a civilian ship from Spain in 2010. The court upheld

Former Vinalines vice general director indicted

The Supreme People’s Procuracy has indicted a former deputy general director of Vinalines and four other

EU maritime law: The external dimension

The external dimension of the EU’s maritime policy was important from the outset. Given Europe’s geographical position and the importance of maritime transport to its external trade, it could hardly be otherwise. The exposure of European flagged or manned fleets to lower cost competition from many third countries was a constant concern and while the structural decline

12 Somali pirates charged in Mauritius

Mauritius has put on trial 12 Somali pirates who were arrested early this year off the Horn of African country.

Somali pirates will face death penalty in federal trial in Virginia

For two days, the four Americans held aboard their yacht by Somali pirates had been shadowed in the Indian

Five Singapore firms convicted over foreign workers

Ministry of Manpower Singapore (MOM) has announced that five maritime and offshore firms have been convicted

Susman Godfrey Files Class Action Lawsuit Against World’s Largest Maritime Vehicle Shippers Alleging Price Fixing

Susman Godfrey LLP, one of the nation’s top antitrust litigation firms, yesterday filed a
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