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Intercargo issues Guide for the Safe Loading of Nickel Ore

Tuesday, 31 January 2012 | 00:00
Intercargo issues Guide for the Safe Loading of Nickel Ore following the "Vinalines Queen" casualty on 25 December in order to ensure safety and to take action to stem the loss of life relating to the carriage of Nickel Ore.
Intercargo's Guide explains the following important queries:
a) What shippers and owners need to know in respect of SOLAS and the IMSBC requirements;
b) What practical measures should be undertaken in respect of safety arising out of the discussions at IMO last year in respect of the IMO DSC 16 meeting
c) What shippers need to do to improve their own procedures and
d) What practical advice can be given to Masters / Owners to encourage safety during the loading and pre-loading stages ?
Responsible shippers must not mis-represent cargoes. In order to provide accurate cargo declarations shippers should have in place procedures for sampling, testing and controlling moisture content of cargoes including procedures to protect cargo on barges from any precipitation and water ingress.
Responsible shipowners must check that the cargo documentation is provided as required in the IMSBC Code.
Before fixing, chartering departments should refer to their own internal procedures regarding the acceptance of Nickel Ore cargoes.
Source: InterCargo
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