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WatchStander provides non-leathal solution to pirate attacks

Modern day piracy is a costly issue for ship owners and many other stakeholders in the maritime industry. Although the latest report from International Maritime Bureau (IMB) has indicated that the number of attacks have been falling, it's only as a result of hefty counter measures and increased navy patrols that this has occurred. Not to mention that the fall in Somali piracy has been partly offset by the rise in piracy incidents

Container shipping fleet to be increased by 18% by the end of 2013, calling for urgent cost-cutting measures by carriers

In a recent report, the Boston Consulting Group called for immediate action by container carriers, in order to avoid further losses, most of which were self-inflicted, as a result of price wars and intense competition. In an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, Camille Egloff-Ghicas, Partner and Managing Director in BCG Athens and leading the BCG Shipping practice in Hellas, mentioned that only a comprehensive end-to-end

Container carriers stand to gain from automation software reducing costs and increasing profitability

Container shipping is at the forefront of the shipping industry, when it comes to technology utilisation and automation processes. Although some companies are still under utilizing the information technology department, it's quite difficult to argue with the fact that a proper automation software has a lot to offer to container shipping, mainly towards reducing costs, increasing revenues and improving customer service.

Net dry bulk fleet growth to reach up to 70 million dwt in 2012 says Braemar Seascope

Despite record-breaking demolition activity, especially in the dry bulk segment, shipping markets are expected to keep facing tonnage oversupply issues, which will continue to exert pressure in freight rates for the monts to come, said Mark Williams, Research Manager at Braemar Seascope Ltd., in an exclusive interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide. Mr. Williams notes that the 2011 total of 25 million dwt in dry bulk

Dry bulk market to remain under pressure for the rest of 2012

In an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, Mr. Yannis Pachoulis, President of the Hellenic Shipbrokers' Association, remains cautiously optimistic regarding the dry bulk market's long-term prospects. He states that the current downturn was expected, as more and more newbuilding vessels were scheduled to hit the water, on the back of a huge orderbook.

Marshall Islands Registry in growth mode

With Hellenic ship owners remaining the leading ship owning group, the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Registry has continued on its solid growth path during 2011, now surpassing the 80 million gross tons mark. In an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, Mr. Theofilos Xenakoudis, head of the Registry’s office in Hellas, said that during 2011, the Hellenic-owned fleet registered in the registry grew by 28% in terms of gross tonnage.

Pirate attacks keep growing as pirates become more resourceful, says Neptune Maritime Security

The answer to piracy is to be found at land said David Rider, Communications & Intelligence Officer with Neptune Maritime Security, in an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide. Although he states that, so far, no vessel with armed guards on board has been successfully hijacked, and that should say something, indeed the long-term solution to the problem of piracy is through a better education of Somalis and through a better

Extent of fall of dry bulk market not expected, recovery under way says shipbroker

The collapse of the dry bulk market caught many under surprise, as the extent of the fall wasn't expected says Yiannis Pachoulis, President of the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association in an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide. He went on to mention that although demolition activity has picked up significantly, it is – by any means – not enough to compensate for the size of dry bulk vessels entering the global fleet.

Shipping market to remain volatile says North P&I Club

The shipping insurance market is expected to continue facing significant challenging market conditions during 2012 as well, say Paul Jennings and Alan Wilson, joint managing directors of North P&I club, in an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide. The world economy is still plagued with uncertainty, making it harder for the shipping industry to recover.Still, the North P&I Club has kept its sound financial position,

Dry bulk market looking for balance as we enter 2012

During the past few months, freight rates for dry bulk carriers, especially Capesizes have increased significantly, providing ship owners with a much needed boost. Still, the oversupply haven't been solved overnight. This will take a few more years to happen, provided that newbuilding orders remain at modest levels and scrapping of older ones doesn't seize.In an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, BIMCO's

Piracy; Costs More Than Just a Ransom

“At the moment of the attack there were 78 people onboard and 1 million barrels of crude oil. I cannot imagine what could have happened if we did not surrender to the pirates. Human lives endangered and disastrous pollution; they had over 100kg of C4 explosive in one of the speed boats.” Piracy off the coast of Somalia is big business but the increased production of oil in the Gulf of Guinea has encouraged more acts of piracy in the region

Scrapping of older vessels to intensify in coming months, says Braemar Seascope


So far this year, demolition of older vessels has been feverish, in an attempt by ship owners to help alleviate the tonnage oversupply pressures that the global shipping market has been dealing with, in almost every shipping trade, from dry bulk to tanker.

Ship owners newbuilding ordering appetite unabated; reliability and quality their main objectives


With the current newbuildings orderbook at huge levels, ship owners could very well use the expertise of consulting and services companies, which know their way around ship yards and can provide valuable assistance in all stages of a newbuilding ordering

Mozambique Channel to be the new piracy hotspot for this year says maritime security expert


The Mozambique Channel, as well as the entrance to the Persian Gulf, are expected to become some of the new pirate hotspots for piracy, says Richard Mcenery, Operations Director with Ocean Protection Services Ltd, one of the companies currently offering

Shipowners need to plan early in order to lower shipping emissions


Shipping is under siege in order to lower its carbon footprint. The recent decision by IMO seeks to offset these pressures and ship owners need to start preparing for a "œgreener" shipping. Towards this direction, Carbon Positive, a leading carbon management

Scrapping of older vessels the key for easing oversupply of dry bulk vessels says Seanergy Maritime


The record levels of scrapping activity seen this year are going to be a catalyst for alleviating the industry's oversupply problems by balancing supply and demand says Christina Anagnostara, Chief Financial Officer with New York-listed shipowner

IMO Secretary-General, Mr. Efthimios Mitropoulos reflects on critical decisions adopted for the futu


In an exclusive interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, the long-serving Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos, looks back at the decisions adopted by the organization during his term

Tonnage oversupply heavily weighing down on tanker markets says Gibson


In an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, Mr. Nigel Richardson, Managing Director of Gibson Shipbrokers Ltd. Highlighted the extremely weak tanker markets "“ especially the VLCC segment "“ during the first half of the year and the reasons behind it.

Torm sees early recovery for product tankers


One of the leading players for product tankers, TORM, sees an early recovery on the sector, on the back of lower orderbook. The company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jacob Meldgaard" also said, in an exclusive interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, that the outlook for 2011

Maersk expects rates to return to healthier levels during second half of 2011


In an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, Maersk Hellas' Managing Director, Mrs. Anne O. Gronbjerg, responsible for the Greece Cluster, including Hellas, Cyprus and Bulgaria, confirmed Maersk's estimates that the second half of 2011 will prove healthier

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