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Dry bulk market to recover no earlier than second half of 2013 says Commodore Research


The recovery and next upward cycle of the dry bulk market shouldn't be expected to occur earlier than the second half of 2013, according to Jeffrey Landsberg, managing director of US-based Commodore Research & Consultancy. By then, he says, a large

Tanker sector facing oversupply issues, sustained recovery seen only for smaller ship types says exp


During the next two years the VLCC and Suezmax fleets are projected to post net growths of 21% and 19%, respectively, which is well out of step with demand growth projections said George P. Los, Research Analyst with Charles R. Weber Company, Inc.,

Oversupply of vessels to rule the market for at least three more years says analyst


Dry cargo demand fundamentals are falling back in terms of offering proper comfort to ship owners and alleviate oversupply issues, as Chinese iron fixtures are on a downward trend with port stockpiles of iron ore, coal and steel being at elevated levels.

Oversupply issues to plague dry bulk trade for 2011 as well


According to John Pachoulis, the President of the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association, current, as well as future oversupply problems will most likely hamper the dry bulk sector's recovery this year as well,

Dry bulk to stay subdued in the long term


Tonnage oversupply keeps adding "œweight" to the dry bulk market, but even if the balance with demand was right, ship owner Alexis Angelopoulos, head of ACA Shipping says it wouldn't be enough to propel the Baltic Dry Index (BDI) more than 20% - 30% of what it is today.

Oversupply to reign in on dry bulk market during 2011


In an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, BIMCO's shipping analyst, Peter Sand, describes the "œhardships" expected to reign in on the dry bulk market this year, as tonnage oversupply will definitely keep rates down, especially for the larger Capesize vessels.

AVEVA Marine "œbuilds" the future of shipping


With shipbuilding design becoming ever so crucial for the future of ships, AVEVA's solutions package towards shipbuilders across the world is powering up change and technology. With 85% of the top 50 shipbuilders being AVEVA Customers it's more than clear that in one way or another, most of today's modern vessels were designed using one or more of the group's applications and modules.

Large orderbook to hinder 2011 dry bulk market rebound despite increased demand says Paragon Shippin


A large orderbook which currently stands at 53% of the existing fleet is expected to render 2011 another challenging year for the dry bulk market. According to Mr. Michael Bodouroglou, Chairman and CEO of Paragon Shipping Inc., in an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, "œwe believe that 2011 should be a challenging year due to the amount of new vessels

Ship supply business constantly evolving as shipping becomes more and more technology-driven


Being the first company to offer transit warehousing to the Turkish market, Atlas International Shipchandling & Trading, is operating for more than 30 years in one of the most important sectors of the shipping industry, the one of ship supply. Atlas, a company founded by managing director George Saris and his colleagues, currently offers a 3,500 square meter

Tanker market to be plagued by oversupply in 2011, bunker prices heading upwards as well


Oversupply issues will continue to be a crucial factor for the tanker freight market during 2011 as well, said Mr. Alexandros Prokopakis, General Manager-Bunkering with Mamidoil "“ JetOil SA in an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide.

Seanergy Maritime Holdings expects better days for dry bulk shipping in the near future


With oversupply issues seen as overblown and solid cargo demand from China expected to continue in the coming months, Christina Anagnostara, Chief Financial Officer of Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp., expects Cape and Panamax rates to find

Vafias warns about dry bulk newbuilding orders, expresses solid belief in LPG carrier business' pros


In an interview with Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide, StealthGas' CEO, Harry Vafias warned about the potential negative consequences of the flurry of newbuilding observed this year in the dry bulk market, while he says that the tanker market

China-backed shipping fund for Hellenic ship owners under way


With details about the recent deal signed between the Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou and his Chinese counterpart, Wen Jiabao about the setting up of a $5 billion shipping fund still scarce, Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide spoke with Mr.

Dry bulk rates look set to stabilize to profitable levels in the years to come says market analyst


With the Handymax and Handysize shipping sector currently offering the best scenario in terms of supply/demand model, the dry bulk market looks set to remain at profitable levels for the years to come, despite the large oversupply of vessels. Of

Biggest liftboat in its class, on track for fruition under design from A.K. Suda


A. K. Suda, Inc. is a firm of naval architects and marine engineers providing design and engineering services to the maritime industry. It has designed some of the largest, most sophisticated, and most well-known liftboats in the world. The firm has

Marshall Island's Registry growing by 14.3% in 2010, thanks to Hellenic ship owners


The Marshall Islands Registry is currently the fastest growing registry in the world with 14.3% growth this year, according to data from Clarksons. Hellenic ship owners have also come to reach first place in the registry, representing 25% of the overall

Dry bulk market all set to reach 3,500 points in the coming days


The dry bulk market is looking well after the crash it experienced during the whole of June and up until the middle of July. According to John Pachoulis, the President of the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association, the so called "œChina factor" was the main

Dry bulk market to stay subdued until the end of summer says shipowner


During the past couple of months the dry bulk market has experienced a breakdown, as a result of China's limited imports and an oversupply of dry bulk carriers, especially in the capesize and panamax front. As a result, the industry's benchmark, the

Drydocks World emerging strong from the financial crisis says Geoff Taylor, Group CEO


With the shipping industry still trying to find its path on the aftermath of the biggest financial crisis since the second World War, Drydocks World is looking to establish its place as one of the leading shipyards of the world. In an interview with

Revised ISO 8217 specification means new habits for bunker suppliers and buyers alike


The recently revised ISO 8217 standard means that bunker fuels and in particular their quality, will become stricter and more environmentally friendly. Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide today publishes an exclusive interview with Mr. Bill

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