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Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mrs. Dimitra Michael, Man.Director of Posidonia Exhibitions


The biggest international biannual gathering of the maritime community, Posidonia Exhibition, is closing down to the final stages of its preparations. The event, projected to be held in June of 2010 in Athens, is expected to be a success, despite the

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Michael Bodouroglou, Chairman and CEO of Paragon Shipping


Overcapacity is destined to weigh down in the Baltic Dry Index and consequently freights rates that dry bulk carriers receive for transporting commodities like iron ore and coal. According to Mr. Michael Bodouroglou, Chairman and CEO of NY-listed dry

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. John Pachoulis, President of Hellenic Shipbrokers Association


Analysts are not feeling comfortable with the market as it is today, expecting a further drop, which will have a drastic affect in prices. Personally, I believe that the market will follow the elevator way with ups and downs and fluctuations depended on

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Alexis Angelopoulos, head of ACA Shipping


ACA Shipping is on the expansion mode, as evidenced by the latest investments undertaken and illustrated in Mr. Angelopoulos', CEO of the shipping company in his latest interview with "œHellenic Shipping News". He declares the current

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. George Sarris, Managing Director of Atlas Int'l Shipchandling


Choosing Turkey as the market offering the most potential, Atlas International Shipchandling & Trading, is operating for 30 years in one of the most important sectors of the shipping industry, the one of ship supply. With thousands of ships transiting

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Christina Anagnostara, CFO of Seanergy Maritime Corp.


A further decline of the global orderbook should be expected says Christina Anagnostara, Chief Financial Officer of publicly-traded Seanergy Maritime Corp. In her interview for "œHellenic Shipping News Worldwide", she describes the main ingredients

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Th.Xenakoudis, Manag.Director of Marshall Islands Registry Piraeus


International Registries Inc., the group representing the Marshall Islands Registry and its Hellenic branch are powering through the economic crisis. With Hellenic ship owners representing 26% of the Marshall Islands fleet, being the second largest

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Athanasios Samios, head of Samios Shipping


The latest developments in the dry bulk market is in everyone's lips these days. Athanasios Samios, CEO of Samios Shipping is a ship owner that has escaped most of the weather storm, by selling off vessels before the market collapsed. He is now

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Sohan Roy, founder of Marine BizTV


Innovative ideas come from all over the world. This time around, it's the Middle East's turn to provide a new service, poised to"¦ rock the boat. Marine BizTV is the first maritime television channel, aiming to bring together the global maritime industry.

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Michael Bodouroglou, President and CEO of Paragon Shipping


Paragon Shipping, one of the Nasdaq-listed Hellenic shipping companies operating in dry bulk trade, provides Hellenic Shipping News and its readers some valuable insights on how a ship owner can hedge effectively against a downward market cycle,

Isle of Man shipping registry poised for growth


In an exclusive interview with Hellenic Shipping News, Mr. Dick Welsh, Director of the Isle of Man shipping registry highlights the growth potential of the ISO 9000:2001 accredited flag. More than 60 merchant ships currently under construction in

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Dimitris Stamatopoulos, author of the book "˜Shipping Fuels'


In his third book, unique in Greek language, Mr. Dimitris Stamatopoulos reflects the need for an updated version after the success of the second edition (2004). The majority of Greek Shipping Offices and Vessels acquired the book-and it

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Antonis Venieris, CEO of Veniers Group


Being one the leading shipping agents in Hellas, the Venieris Group and Mr. Antonis Venieris in particular, is experiencing first-hand the problems that have occurred in the country's two major ports (Piraeus and Thessalonica) from the beginning of

Hellenic Shipping News interviews, Mr. Fabrice Demichel, CEO of AXS Marine


France's AXS Marine is constantly growing into a serious "œplayer" in the field of web based software and data housing to the maritime industry, bolstering a series of services to almost all entities of the shipping business. Hellenic Shipping News

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Bobby Mitropoulos of Weberseas S.A.


Bobby Mitropoulos, Managing Director of ship brokerage firm Weberseas, based in Piraeus, predicts that more cancellations of new building orders are due in the following months, as many of the smaller shipyards of South Korea and China will face

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. J.Pachoulis, President of the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association


Hellenic shipping fleet is bound to continue growing in size and numbers, breaking new records in the years to come, according to Mr. John Pachoulis, President of the Hellenic Shipbrokers Association. He also stresses out that this growth is

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Theofilos Xenakoudis.


Registries, Inc.'s Piraeus office, the Maritime & Corporate Administrators of the Republic of the Marshall IslandsΒ Registries are like a "catalogue" or a list if you'd like, where ships are registered on an international level. This means that each country

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Harry Vafias, CEO of StealthGas


Harry Vafias, dubbed as the "Harry Potter" of shipping, mainly because of his relatively young age, is living up to the hype surrounding his name. StealthGas has witnessed remarkable growth in just over two years since the company went public

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Vagelis Moutafis.


Shipowners remain quite active in the second hand market, despite the record prices that continue to apply in most vessel types. Despite the high prices, Mr. Moutafis identifies investment opportunities in all segments of the market. For instance, in

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. A.Prokopakis, Head of Shipping Operations of Mamidakis Group.


Shipping emissions, freight rates and the business strategy implemented by Mamidakis Group, home to Styga Maritime and Jetoil Bunkering were some of the issues discussed with Mr. Alexandros Prokopakis, in charge of all shipping-

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