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TNK-BP to Increase Challenged Oil Production Efficiency in West Siberia

Saturday, 15 December 2012 | 00:00
TNK-BP, together with key suppliers and contractors, is implementing new approaches to cooperation to increase the efficiency of innovative challenged oil reserves development projects in West Siberia.
The TNK-BP top management and experts discussed key areas of focus within current and future projects with the representatives of over 30 contractor organizations at a meeting of the West Siberian Regional Council in Nizhnevartovsk.
TNK-BP is continuously ramping up the scope of hi-tech operations for the development of challenged reserves. About 130 multistage frac jobs will be carried out till the end of the year; horizontal wells are also being drilled in the Samotlor, Severo-Khokhryakovskoe and Van-Yoganskoe fields.
The Company is developing and implementing the principle of commercial partnership, which allows a significant increase in the field development efficiency, including through the sharing of commercial and process risks among partners. A similar approach has already enjoyed success within the framework of cooperation with Schlumberger in the Severo-Varyoganskoe field. This approach is planned to be applied for the development of the Tyumen suite of the Em-Egovskiy license area jointly with Halliburton.
"This year is a breakthrough year also in terms of challenged reserves development. Currently the Company is getting ready for the development of targets, which were considered uneconomic throughout decades. TNK-BP has selected seven projects in West Siberia with total reserves of ca. 600 mln tons. Successful development of these challenged targets equally depends on the use of hi-tech services and unique engineering solutions, as well as on the introduction of non-standard approaches to the interaction between the Company and contractors," says Oleg Mikhailov, TNK-BP's Vice President, Operations and Assets Management.
Source: TNK-BP Holding OAO
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