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The Environmentally Friendly Ship

Dates : 28-29 February 2012
Location : RiNA HQ, London
For more information about the conference, contact:
Tel: +(0) 20 7235 4622

As the 21st century progresses, extensive global legislation and innovation centres on environmental protection. The focus of the Turtle - Environmental Shipinternational marine industry has been shifting greatly towards the design and operation of vessels which minimize their environmental impact.New regulations are coming into effect, regarding the reduction of all forms of emissions and waste from marine vessels. Increasing fuel prices and environmental concerns have again highlighted the benefit that reduced fuel consumption can bring to the ship operator. Groundbreaking designs and innovative technology is being introduced daily, which will eventually lead to zero-impact shipping.


RINA invites papers from designers, regulators, class societies, builders, owners, suppliers and researchers on all related topics including:
* Air pollution reduction (CO2, SOx, NOx)
* Operation in Emission Control Areas (ECA’s)
*  Alternative Fuel: LNG, hydrogen, biofuel, fuel cells, solar power• Energy saving methods of propulsion
*  Improving Ship Energy Efficiency Index
*  Ballast water and waste treatment & management
*  Liquid & air waste management and heat recovery
*  Minimizing the impact on marine ecosystems
*  Design for end of life & recycling
*  "Clean” production and maintenance methods  
* Unconventional design for environmental efficiency  
* Implementation of new and future regulations

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