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Pirates Fight Over Ransom for FV Aride Hostages

Wednesday, 22 February 2012 | 11:00
The group of Somali pirates and their investors holding two hostages of the FV Aride, which sank two weeks ago, are reportedly fighting over ransom negotiations, with the former demanding $4 million ransom for the pair.
The negotiations to release the hostages, whose nationalities remain unknown, were reportedly progressing, but Ali Duulaye and Mohamed Garfanje, the pirates holding the two, are demanding $4 million as a ransom, while the investors were considering releasing the hostages if any amount of ransom was paid.
Pirates from the Sacad and Saleebaan clans (two sub clans of Hawiye), the same clan as Duulaye and Garfanje and the investors, have stepped up to try and negotiate a settlement.
“A number of pirates from the same clan as this group are listening to both sides and have now began to negotiate. They have been meeting since yesterday in Ceel-Huur. They should announce their decision within the the next day or two,” Tuur, a pirate based in Harardhere, told Somalia Report.
Duulaaye and Garfanje, well know pirates in Harardhere, are also reportedly involved with the kidnapped American Michael Scott Moore with Duulaaye holding him hostage and Garfanje serving as the negotiator.
The Seychelles fishing vessel was hijacked by pirates on October, 30, 2011, some 65 nautical miles west of Mahe, according to Seychelles Maritime Officials.
Pirates moved the two hostages to land on December 5 of last year and they are now being held in Ceel-Huur village.
After being used as a mothership, the FV Aride sank on February 2 of this year after monsoon waves hit the Ceel Huur area. Pirates managed to salvage the motor.
Source: Neptune Maritime Security
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