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AWT Launches GlobalView Fleet Management 2.0, Offers Port Forecasts and Bunker Pricing

Wednesday, 15 February 2012 | 11:00
Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT), yesterday announced the release of GlobalView(TM) 2.0, a new version of the company's fleet management system featuring port forecasts, tide data, tools for easy customization and direct access to bunker pricing. The new version also includes improved safety features including global ice concentrations and spot forecasts with the latest weather and wave conditions. In addition, fleet managers can now view the voyage tracks of captains using AWT's BVS onboard system in GlobalView.
"GlobalView 2.0 makes it easier to plan fuel efficient voyages by offering access to additional data in one place," said Skip Vaccarello, president and CEO of AWT. "The system also helps with critical functions like planning arrivals and optimal routes."
According to Erik Hjortland, Advisor, Ship Performance and Bunker Management, Odfjell Tankers, "With the addition of port forecasts, spot forecasts and bunker pricing, GlobalView is an even more valuable fleet management platform. Ultimately, it helps us to be more efficient in managing our fleet."
The new features of GlobalView 2.0 include the following:
Port Forecasts: Fleet managers can plan and schedule the best time for loading/unloading to avoid periods of precipitation or strong winds. Port forecasts are available for more than 2,500 locations with hourly updates out three days, and three and six hourly updates out five days.
Tide Data: High and low tide data for over 7,500 locations help plan arrivals or departures based on high tides.
Global Ice Concentrations: Global ice concentration imagery is available to help ships make the safest voyage possible. Color-coded global ice concentration imagery, based on satellite data, shows dangerous ice concentrations to avoid.
Spot Forecasts: GlobalView 2.0 provides detailed weather data for specific ocean areas. Spot forecasts are available with hourly updates out three days, and three and six hourly updates out five days.
Fuel Pricing: Real-time bunker pricing is available for more than 70 locations globally. Information is updated throughout the day and includes barging rates, offered on a subscription basis. This is provided in partnership with LQM Petroleum Services.
Easy Customization: GlobalView 2.0 allows fleet managers to send a message to multiple ships at once. Adding customized links to additional websites and data ensures that essential information is easily accessible, all in one place.
Eco-Speed Calculator: Using this tool, fleet managers can calculate the estimated cost of voyages at different speeds. Fleet managers' plug in parameters and the eco-speed calculator will show a comparison.
Monitor Vessels with BVS Onboard: Fleet managers can now see voyage tracks from AWT's BVS onboard system to monitor their entire fleet.
"We designed this product with our customers in mind and many of these additions are based on their requests," said Richard Brown, vice president of product management at AWT. "It's going to make a big difference for fleet managers who require more control and direct access to the data they need to manage their fleets."
Source: Applied Weather Technology, Inc. (AWT)
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