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2021 an Outstanding Year for Dry Bulk Carrier Acquisitions

The S&P market for dry bulk carriers mirrored the great performance of the freight market – for the most part – during 2021. In a recent report, shipbroker Intermodal said that “as an outstanding year for the dry bulk freight market ended, so did a thriving year for the SnP market which can only be compared to 2007 in terms of number of deals, registering a c. +60% y-o-y increase at approx. 740 deals YTD2021. On a quarterly basis, SnP interest varied, partly tracking the freight momentum in the different sizes with the geared bulkers taking over approx. 65% of the deals throughout the year”.

According to Intermodal’s George Kallianiotis from the Valuation Department, “during Q1, Supramax Bulkers (Jan: 37.5%, Feb: 39%, Mar: 26.8% of total deals) were the best Sellers followed by the Handysize tonnage (Jan: 16%, Feb & Mar: 22%). Panamax and Ultramax vessels hit their best in January 2021 (17% and 8% respectively) while Kamsarmax and Handymax in February (18,6% and 1,6% respectively). Finally, Capesize vessels were behind the Handysize in March 2021 (17%)”.

Source: Intermodal

Kallianotis added that “the second Quarter began with the Capesize (20%) as best sellers, along with an inflection in Capesize rates, while Handysize vessels held the first place the next two months (May: 40%, Jun: 34%). Supramax and Panamax (Supramax: 33.8% and Panamax: 19.4%) were behind the Handysizes in May and June 2021 respectively. Kamsarmax and Ultramax bulkers held the third place in April and June 2021 respectively (Kamsarmax: 15.8% and Ultramax: 19.4%) while Handymax hit their best the last month of the quarter (3%)”.

“During the third quarter, Handysize were in the first place (Jul: 33.3%, Aug: 31.7%, Sep: 38%) followed by Supramaxes (Jul: 23.8%, Aug: 27%, Sep: 22%). Ultamax bulkers (19%) followed the Supramaxes in July 2021 while Capesizes were in the third place in August & September 2021 (14% and 12%). Panamax (9.5%) & Kamsarmax bulkers (10.8%) held the fourth place in July and September 2021 respectively while Handymax bulkers (4.7%) hit their best in August 2021”, Intermodal’s analyst noted.

“During the last quarter – up to date, Handysize were best Sellers the first two months (Oct: 32.5%, Nov: 26%) while Supramaxes (38.9%) the last one. Capesize (20%) followed the Handysizes in October 2021 while Kamsarmaxes and Ultramaxes were in the third place during the first-last and the second month of the quarter respectively (Kamsarmax: 15%, Ultramax: 26%). Panamaxes and Handymax vessels hit their best during the second month of the quarter (Panamax: 8.5%, Handymax: 3%)”, Kallianotis concluded.
Nikos Roussanoglou, Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

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