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29 trainees attending course to combat maritime threats

Twenty-nine trainees from 20 member countries and one from Bahrain are attending a regional training course to combat maritime threats and enhance maritime security.

The training course was opened by Commander of the Border Guard in Makkah region, Maj. Gen. Talal Ali Al-Shamrani, on behalf of Director General of Border Guard Vice Admiral Awwad Eid Al-Balawi.

The course is being hosted by Ministry of Interior’s General Directorate of Border Guard last week at Muhammad Bin Naif Academy for Maritime Science and Security Studies, Jeddah, in cooperation with the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

The course aims to develop participants’ knowledge, unify their concepts, and enhance their skills and capabilities in the maritime security domain.

In his opening remarks delivered by Maj. Gen. Talal Al-Shamrani, Vice Admiral Al-Balawi welcomed the participants in their second country, Saudi Arabia, wishing them a pleasant stay, and all success to their efforts to achieve the desired goals.

He explained that organizing this course is upon an honored approval from Prince Abdul Aziz Bin Saud Bin Naif, Minister of Interior, in continuation of his support to regional and international efforts to enhance the strategic and executive measures of maritime security and the safety of navigation and shipping that would give an impetus to the world economy.

He added that the current criminal acts, maritime terrorism and consecutive dangers sound the alarm and affect the international economy for instance targeting and exploding oil tankers and the critical costal assets by Boat Borne IEDs and UAVs from militia and terrorism groups.

Kiruja Micheni, representative of Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), expressed his gratitude to Prince Abdul Aziz for his unwavering support in supporting regional states to take ownership of their regional problems and to find long-term solutions for dealing with them.

He mentioned that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has a unique role to play in the development of regional maritime security by virtue of its strategic location between key global waterways as well as the volume of economy, good and effective relations in the region.

He also stressed the commitment of IMO to enhance cooperation with the Kingdom to achieve common goals to enhance maritime security, explaining that through the adoption of the Jeddah amendments in January 2017, the region sought to adopt a comprehensive long-term solution that would deal with these strategic threats taking into account the development of maritime sector and blue economy, in the context of the sustainable development goals and the prevention of violent extremism.
Source: Saudi Gazette

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