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5 ways Maersk makes LCL easy

Too often, businesses are burdened by an exhaustive list of supply chain challenges, which disrupt shipments and divert valuable time and effort from crucial operations. Where businesses question how to overcome these problems, less-than-container load (LCL) logistics forms a key part of the answer.

Yet, to integrate LCL solutions into your logistics operations — without it becoming an additional complexity — businesses should partner with a logistics expert who can make it seamless and simple.

As a leading logistics partner, Maersk brings extensive expertise and experience in managing LCL shipments. Our in-house global LCL network and services connect your cargo with the entire world, through more than 10,000 trade corridors supported by our globally integrated logistics network. Integrate, simplify and connect your global logistics with a single point of contact.

So, exactly how do Maersk’s LCL logistics solutions make your life easier?

Flexible and tailored solutions
At Maersk, we understand that businesses have unique shipping requirements and offer flexible and tailored solutions from experienced LCL ocean freight experts to meet the specific needs of each of our customers.

With tailor-made solutions that simplify the shipping process, optimise supply chain operations and improve speed-to-market, you gain invaluable expertise to navigate the complexities of global trade and ensure the efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods.

Seamless online booking and documentation
Maersk LCL services are designed for seamless use. Our user-friendly, online digital platform simplifies paperwork and enables access to instant LCL quotes and bookings. This allows you to easily book shipments and manage your documentation while saving valuable business time and effort. You can handle your entire shipping process with just a few clicks.

Take a proactive approach to mitigating supply chain disruptions with enhanced visibility. Our advanced tracking systems monitor your shipments with 24/7 updates and provide total cargo visibility from origin to destination, so you remain informed and can take action as necessary — an LCL shipment with Maersk never leaves your sight at any point in its journey. This creates a stress-free, streamlined shipping experience.

Integrated and owned assets
With ownership of diverse fleets, including air, sea and rail, Maersk offers an extensive network of options to efficiently move your goods from point A to B. Through integration, we ensure seamless coordination, greater control and enhanced flexibility — empowering you to optimise your operations and achieve reliable and cost-effective transportation of goods.

Dedicated customer support
Leverage Maersk’s LCL services to elevate the customer experience and secure long-term success in today’s competitive market. Our local Maersk LCL product experts and global customer service teams provide guidance and assistance throughout the entire shipping process.

Whether it’s with booking, tech or in-transit disruptions, our reliable and readily available support will help simplify your cargo journey, giving you the confidence to navigate any challenges that may arise.

Invaluable value with Maersk LCL
As the world’s largest container shipping company, we move 12 million containers yearly and deliver to every corner of the globe. Our LCL services range from the coordination of single LCL shipments all the way to multi-country consolidation and provide you with a fixed weekly sailing schedule with high transit-time reliability. Regardless of your industry, commodity or key markets, we have solutions for you.
Source: Maersk

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