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500 Global and Ashdod Port Company Unveil Batch 2 of the Ashdod Port Accelerator by 500

Ashdod Port Company, the national port of Israel, and 500 Global, one of the world’s most active multi-stage venture capital firms, today unveil the graduating Israeli startups in Batch 2 of the Ashdod Port Accelerator by 500. These startups attended a rigorous 15-week program – with additional support from a team of Deloitte Israel experts – which gave them the opportunity to work with mentors on topics ranging from growth experiments and customer discovery interviews to testing product-market fit and fundraising. The program also includes participation in an accelerated proof-of-concept process, with the potential for investment by Ashdod Port Company.

Batch 2 follows a successful Batch 1 cohort that included startups deploying new technologies at the port and some receiving additional investments from the Ashdod Port Company. Batch 2 of the program will culminate with Demo Day on September 13, 2023, in Tel Aviv. It will be held in person for a curated audience of industry leaders, ecosystem players, and 500 Global network partners. Attendees will hear presentations from a diverse group of startups that are providing solutions to needs in seaport operations, and are building the next generation of companies in sectors such as Industry 4.0, Logistics, Cyber, and Security.

“The investment and support for startups are part of our long-term strategy and future growth engine, which will provide a competitive advantage to ports adapted to the future, both in Israel and around the world,” said Shaul Schneider, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ashdod Port. “This is one of the few accelerator programs operating in ports in the world. I’m proud of the collaboration with 500 Global, which has proven itself in recent years.”

“We are delighted to host our Demo Day here in Israel on September 13 and thank the 500 Global team and the port workers who accompany them,” said Eli Bar Yosef, Acting CEO of Ashdod Port. “By supporting innovation, we are turning Ashdod Port into a smart port, with the aim of spreading the word overseas as well.”

“This program is a truly unique initiative, thanks to our partner’s vision and belief that technology can play a central role in modernizing the maritime industry,” said Ee Ling Lim, Executive Director of Market Launch at 500 Global. “Ashdod may be a model for other ports and we believe that it is gaining momentum as a hub for Maritime and Logistics startup founders with exciting potential. Our second batch of startups has gained a solid foundation of corporate partnerships by working with Ashdod Port, and we believe they’re set up to grow in Israel and beyond.”

“500 Global’s fruitful partnership with Ashdod Port is a game-changer, positioning the port as a true leader in maritime technology locally and globally,” states Tal Chen, Partner at Deloitte Advisory. “This collaborative accelerator is the real deal – it’s driving the growth of the Israeli tech scene and helping Ashdod Port shine in maritime technology. After seeing the success of Batch 1 startups, we’re excited about Batch 2 Demo Day and confident it’ll dish out great results for the Israeli maritime industry.”

Tal Chen and Deloitte bring their unique knowledge, skills and experience to the POC processes at Port Ashdod, including the accelerator. This contributes great value to the different processes from spotting promising startups to guiding them through the POC process.

This exclusive event will also feature a panel of industry experts who will share insights on the role of startups in shaping supply chain innovation, as well as trends in the maritime and logistics sector in Israel and around the world. The panel will include representatives from major logistics companies, a startup founder, 500 Global and Ashdod Port Company.

Batch 2 startups are:

  • BenderTech is providing a Biometric electronic certificate ID Mobile Application, without Biometric Database, for fast entrance to multi-participant complexes, allows secure and efficient entrance.
  • Briefery captures workflow events to ensure process fidelity, tracking, tracing, and analyzing your data for increased efficiency.
  • Cynergy is providing a complete framework for an automated remediation ecosystem with the marketplace, SDK, and execution environment.
  • Flyz Robotics is a novel autonomous Platform for Deploying Sensors, Devices and Packages on Vertical Walls and other Hard to Reach Spaces.
  • Kiami is a knowledge-based technical support SaaS platform for industrial companies, enabling fast troubleshooting of machinery and product failures, and effective cross-team and cross-site knowledge collaboration sites.
  • Liquid360 is a patented software that contextualizes real-time security videos and sensor data empowering security teams to act faster and more effectively.
  • Magellanic is a Zero-Trust SaaS cybersecurity platform for access control of non-human identities, creating a “Unified Zero Trust Surface” for Machines, Users, APIs and Third Parties.
  • Pickommerce is an autonomous pick & pack robotic station with innovative grasping technology, designed to revolutionize the e-commerce logistics landscape.
  • ProxyFence is a SaaS platform for continuous API behavioral analysis and documentation.
  • SeeAll is a SaaS solution that enables manufacturers to visually track their materials throughout the entire process to ensure process integrity.
  • Treedis is a no-code platform that transforms industrial teams into connected workers to increase their efficiency and reduce their downtimes.
  • VIDIA has developed a platform based on video analytics for quality control, safety and predictive maintenance applicable for manufacturing, energy and marine industries with working customers.
    Source: Ashdod Port

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