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Hellenic Shipping News interviews, Mr. Fabrice Demichel, CEO of AXS Marine

France’s AXS Marine is constantly growing into a serious “œplayer” in the field of web based software and data housing to the maritime industry, bolstering a series of services to almost all entities of the shipping business. Hellenic Shipping News

interviewed Mr. Fabrice Demichel, CEO of AXS Marine, who provided us with detailed insights on the way the company

operates and is able to provide reliable data to all parties interested.

Could you give us some details on AXS Marine’s background and profile?

AXSmarine is a Paris based company, created in 2000 at the initiative of brokers Barry Rogliano Salles, and received backing from shipowners Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (Paris) and Oldendorff (of Luebeck, Germany). It has 15 staff, including 3 persons out of Singapore where a subsidiary is incorporated.

What kind of products does AXS Marine offers in the market?

AXSMarine is offering web based software and data housing to the maritime industry, with a suite of 4 main products :
AXSDry for dry bulk chartering, with 120 clients worldwide
AXSTanker for tanker chartering brokers, with a community of 100 tanker brokers using the platform to exchange vessel positions and manage their chartering activity
AXS-AlphaLiner for the container carrier industry with 250 clients worldwide,
Finally, AXS SnP, web application for SnP brokers

Who is to benefit from these products?

Products are designed to serve shipbrokers, industrial charterers, traders and shipowners/operators.

What’s the reaction you have received from clients and can you name a few of them?

Clients include large shipowners like Oldendorff of Germany or CMA-CGM of France, as well as small few man brokerages. Technology has been designed to ensure scalability as well as being accessible by small organizations.
Our clients include largest brokerage firms worldwide including H Clarksons, SSY, Lorentzen & Stemoco, Platou, Fearnleys, Barry Rogliano Salles, tanker specialists MJLF; Odin marine, etc”¦

How was AXS Marine conceived and then evolved through time? Did you locate some gap in the market of maritime services that you tried to fill?

Our initial analysis was that there was no system available that would deliver both functionality and data. In other terms you could find a voyage calculator but had to go to another provider to find bunker prices, yet another one for port data, yet another one for distances, etc”¦ AXSMarine’ motto has been “data is just a click away’. We’ve tried ““ and managed ! ““ to deliver software together with the content to make the best out of the soft. Brokers and charterers concentrate on their jobs, we deal with IT to make their life easier.

At a second stage we’ve worked on integrating these solutions with communication systems and have obtained a high, efficient, seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. Th solution is the most advanced, scalable, intuitive solution for shipbrokers.

How reliable is the data that AXS Marine provides?

A lot of the data comes from the users themselves”¦
Now, as stated above, some content is also made available by AXSMarine. We go the best sources. The advantage for the client is that data is up-to-date. Taking the example of the shipdatabase for example, we do import it from LR Fairplay on a weekly basis. So, without having to worry about it, clients benefit from the very last updates on a continuous basis. On top of this, we add our own information which is provided for by the network of users, on a give-and-take, community basis. For chartering purposes, our vessel characteristics database is second-to-none as being indirectly maintained by the largest brokers network.

Are there any plans for any new services in the upcoming future?

Further integration with communication (Outlook, MSN, Yahoo), remote accessibility through PDAs, financial tools (risk analysis) and many more.

The company recently showcased its services in international maritime fair of Posidonia in Athens. Are you pleased by the outcome of your presence there?

Yes very pleased. We had very positive feedbacks. This is an excellent opportunity to meet our clients in one place and to present our new products to the shipping community.

Nikos Roussanoglou, Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide

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