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A rising tide – why data is driving transformation in shipping says Hanseaticsoft

Hanseaticsoft, a leading provider of web-based all in one software for shipping companies, has reported a substantial growth in customers over the past 12 months, driven by rising demand for their cloud-based technology since the pandemic and the need for shipping companies to access high-quality data and analytics.

Hanseaticsoft has welcomed over 20 new customers in the past year and now has a portfolio of over 100 clients globally. Growth has been particularly strong in Asia, with several new clients coming from Japan and Korea.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director, Hanseaticsoft said, “When the pandemic hit all companies, including shipping companies, realised the urgent need for cloud-based technology and also video technologies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype for employees to work productive remotely and for their businesses to keep going. “We experienced a rapid rise in new customers for our cloud-based system, Cloud Fleet Manager because the technology is easy to set up and use, affordable and allows data to be stored centrally and accessed by any employee wherever they are based.”

“Several customers have told us they have improved communications, automated their processes, and many are now for the first time benefitting from the fact they can access consistent data of excellent quality which is improving their decision making.”

In recent months, Hanseaticsoft has been helping companies digitise their processes and set up their systems in a way that ensures they can access what they term ‘good data’ – data that is consistent, high quality and can be used for reports and provide insights into key business areas such as risk management, maintenance, purchasing or finance to support decision making.

Buchmann says, “When companies can extract ‘good data’ it can be like gold dust and highly valuable not only in driving decision making but also future predictions based on past events. We help companies set up their systems in the right way so they can access data confident that it will be accurate and consistent.”

One of the ways Hanseaticsoft is doing this is through Microsoft’s Power BI which is now integrated into Cloud Fleet Manager (CFM), to offer customers analysis of their operational data. Power BI is a business analytics service which allows data from multiple sources to be pooled and analysed in a central place. It includes interactive visualisation tools and business intelligence capabilities and enables users to create their own reports and dashboards.

Customers can choose from pre-defined reports, create their own reports using an assortment of templates or create new ones completely from scratch. All data is visualised in a clearly structured way and impactful graphs can be created in minutes. The system also generates impactful statistics, KPIs and detailed reports so informed data-driven decisions can be made to improve business operations and processes.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director, Hanseaticsoft said, “There is so much potential for shipping companies to access high-quality, insightful data to improve their current and future decision making. Our clients using Power BI can analysis all kinds of data and include data from external sources to create interactive reports which can improve their business performance – using this kind of data – the possibilities are unlimited.”
Source: Hanseaticsoft

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