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A Speed And Power Regulator For Ships Hich Allows Reduction Of Emissions And Fumes

The ship automatically adopts the right speed and therefore the power of its engine, according to the primary objective of reducing its emissions. This system that helps the ship command and the chief engineer to keep the engine power below the EEXI limit (Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index), providing a pre-alarm “close” to the limit as well as a grace period, to avoid unwanted events, comes from the sea and from a Ligurian (the banana shaped region on the North-East side of the Italian coast) company, Oceanly, known for being the owner of “Performance” (one of the most used software in world shipping for fleet performance management),

Commonly known as ShaPoLi, an acronym that stands for Shaft Power Limitation, the Oceanly operating system will be presented for the first time at Nor-Shipping, the international fair that opens today and which every year attracts the most important shipping groups to Oslo, as well as shipyards, ship management companies, ports, as well as operators of the entire maritime chain.

The System marks an acceleration in the process of decarbonization of maritime traffic, but is also characterized as one of the first platforms to allow a full dialogue between ships and the international authorities responsible for monitoring emissions. An example: if the vessel operator decides to use extra power for reasons permitted by law, the system logs these events so to be able to report to IMO or to an inspection by the authorities, thus creating a real-time monitoring and reporting mechanism that allows shipowners to proactively manage the performance of their vessel and ensure compliance with stringent emissions regulations.

For Oceanly, which recently defined a series of supply agreements for its Performance System to some primary groups, such as MSC Cruises and Columbia Shipmanagement, agreements which include the involvement of these same groups in Performance product development technical specifications, it is a real leap forward. Oceanly is a very young company resulting from the acquisition last December of a business branch of IB srl, an historic maritime Italian software company in Rapallo, by the Esa Group led by Gian Enzo Duci. And today it is technically piloted on an absolutely avant-garde world route by Giampiero Soncini and the Dane Frederik Lerche-Tornoe, at the helm of a group of highly specialized programmers in the Genoa and Rapallo offices.

The advantages of Oceanly’s ShaPoLi solution are many. By reducing fuel consumption, ship operators can achieve substantial savings on fuel expenses and significantly reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, ShaPoLi’s technology, combined with the Performance system, allows operators to constantly monitor and analyze the performance of their ship, providing the information necessary to comply with the stringent limits set by the IMO on the emission of polluting fumes during navigation.

The technical solution is based on a design philosophy: Oceanly recognizes that each ship is unique and therefore the decarbonization process must be adapted to specific operational needs. Working closely with customers, Oceanly’s team of experts develop tailor-made solutions that align with the vessel’s requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and sustainability in the decarbonization journey.
Source: Oceanly

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