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ABS Chairman, President and CEO Plays a Leading Role at Singapore Maritime Week

ABS has played a leading role in Singapore Maritime Week (SMW), supporting the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA) at multiple events under the theme, Ambition Meets Action, including a succession of high-profile speaking engagements addressing decarbonization, digitalization and the clean energy transition.

After delivering a keynote at the Capital Link Singapore Maritime Forum setting the stage for the panel titled A Reality Check on Decarbonization in Shipping, ABS Chairman, President and CEO Christopher J. Wiernicki spoke on the SMW Leaders Perspective Panel at the SMW Opening Ceremony covering a range of topics about the maritime green transition in the current global economy.

“Throughout this week we have heard how shipping will play a pivotal role as an enabler of the global green energy transition. Specifically, shipping will carry fuel both as cargo, whether that’s ammonia, hydrogen, liquefied CO₂ or one of the other contenders, as well as a means of propulsion – a central role in the transition connecting producers with consumers,” said Wiernicki. “But in this story there are many chapters, of which shipping is just one. These are stories that are also about ports, about charterers, commercial relationships and the pivotal role of public-private partnerships. What we have seen in the discussions here at SMW is a fine example of the potential of that public-private relationship to bring together the pieces of the puzzle and drive the global industry forward as a result.”

Christopher J Wiernicki

As a member of the Singapore Maritime International Advisory Panel (IAP), Wiernicki also participated in two IAP discussion meetings on Building a Digitally Connected and Secure Ecosystem and Advancing the Multi-Fuel Transition. The IAP was established by the Singapore Ministry of Transport (MOT) and the MPA to seek global perspectives on key trends that will shape the maritime industry.

At the SMW Sustainability Conference, he appeared on the #CEOs Vision –Delivering Net-Zero panel ro and later on the Maritime Technologies Forum panel titled Operational Management to Accelerate Safe Maritime Decarbonization.
Source: ABS

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