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Americas Fuel Availability Outlook

North America

All grades remain in normal availability in Houston. Some suppliers replenished stocks recently and are able to supply for prompt delivery dates, a source says.

VLSFO and LSMGO availability is good in Beaumont. A supplier can deliver both grades for very prompt dates (0-3 days).

At the New Orleans Outer Anchorage (NOLA), availability of VLSFO and LSMGO has been steady, with prompt supply available.

Prompt LSMGO supply is also available in Miami port in Florida.

VLSFO availability is tight in the West Coast ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. It is even more difficult to secure VLSFO and LSMGO of smaller quantities in the twin ports.

Overall bunker demand has been slow in the West Coast ports this week.

VLSFO and LSMGO availability is normal in the East Coast port of New York. HSFO is a bit tighter than other grades as fewer suppliers offer the grade in the port, a source says.

Caribbean and Latin America

HSFO availability is tight in Panama. The earliest delivery date with one supplier in Balboa is 4 October, while another supplier is unable to supply prompt stems because of a tight delivery schedule. A supplier is unable to deliver the grade in Cristobal either that is prompt or non-prompt.

VLSFO and LSMGO availability is normal in Panama. Lead times of up to seven days are generally recommended in both Balboa and Cristobal, a source says.

VLSFO and LSMGO availability is tight at Argentina’s Zona Comun anchorage. One supplier requires at least nine days of lead time. All refineries and oil terminals were operating normally on Wednesday, Antares Ship Agents said. Improved weather in recent days has allowed suppliers to clear some of their backlogs, and all bunker barges were operating normally, it added.

Strong wind gusts are forecast to hit the Zona Comun area over the weekend, which could disrupt bunkering again.

Global bunker supplier Bunker One recently announced that it has expanded physical supply to the port of Itaqui in Brazil. It will supply VLSFO and LSMGO grades in Itaqui anchorage areas using bunker tanker MT China Spirit. The company entered into a partnership with Acelen’s Mataripe refinery in Salvador, which is the biggest independent producer of bunker fuels in Brazil.

Bunker One expects the new physical supply capacity in Itaqui will reduce lead times for ships seeking bunkers at the outer anchorage. In recent months, several suppliers such as Ipiranga and Raizen have entered into and bolstered their presence in the Brazilian bunker market. Raizen started VLSFO supply in the port of Itaqui and São Luiz in July this year.

With the arrival of a new physical supplier, competition in the Brazilian bunker market is set to increase further. Brazil’s major-state owned oil producer and bunker supplier Petrobras has recently expanded its LSMGO supply to several Brazilian ports, including Suape, Paranagua, Rio Grande and Santos.

VLSFO is readily available in Itaqui and Salvador in Brazil. Lead times are as short as 0-1 days in these ports. Supply has tightened in Rio Grande, where a supplier can deliver VLSFO and LSMGO from 8 October.
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