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ARIES Group CEO announces company’s Green Vision, celebrates 1500 green retrofit projects, new office in Germany

ARIES GROUP CEO Dr. Sohan Roy announced the company’s “Green vision” and setting up of a Green fund to aid the shipping industry’s efforts to promote sustainability and decarbonisation.

Speaking on the occasion of Aries Marine’s twin achievements of opening of the company’s Hamburg office and works on 1500 green retrofit projects, Dr. Roy, the group’s Founder CEO said that there is a clear need to completely overhaul the way the shipping industry operates in the face of current and future challenges

“Shipping industry is on the verge of opening up to a major revolution in the way it works. It needs to achieve rapid decarbonisation as per IMO’s targets. It needs to urgently develop and adopt remote and automated services capabilities along with use of advanced Artificial intelligence and advanced data-science.
I hereby announce Aries group’s “Green vision”. Through our Engineering and inspection arm, Aries Marine, we promise to commit a significant share of our engineering resources to assisting ship owners and managers in their efforts to go green. It will be our voluntary contribution to the industry in this challenging phase of transformation. I hope our team of qualified engineers and surveyors rise to the occasion and dedicate their efforts to finding optimal solutions to the shipping industry in its era of transformation.

The company has recently commenced the operations of its new office in Hamburg, Germany – Aries energy solutions GmbH. Dr. Roy also announced achievement of a significant milestone by the company – of working on more than 1500 ships for their green retrofit projects including Ballast water treatment system and Exhaust gas cleaning systems.

Sohan Roy

Aries is the first maritime consultancy with offices in Europe, Far East and the Middle East to launch such a vision to support their regional Ship owners, Operators, ports and other stakeholders in accomplishing 2030 decarbonisation goals with green initiatives.

Elaborating on the announcement of the company’s Green vision, Aries Marine Managing Director (Engineering) Mr. Gireesh Menon said Our Hamburg office will focus on development of our Green solutions. We have always given primacy to our R&D division and with our CEO’s announcement of our “Green vision”, the commitment is to dedicate atleast 25% of our manhour resources to working on innovative green concept solutions. We have been working on many concept and feasibility studies for ship integration of Hydrogen powered ships, Wind assisted propulsion, Waste heat recovery systems, retrofits of GHG scrubbers etc. The Green vision which has just been announced will enable our engineering team to dedicate considerable resources to ship owners in integrating new decarbonisation technologies in their assets on a non-profit basis.
Source: Aries Group

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