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ATPI encourages shipping industry to think green

Global travel and events management business, the ATPI Group, has called on fellow travel management firms to up their game when it comes to managing carbon emissions for clients.

The TMC says it is time for TMCs to start supporting shipping clients in addressing their travel related CO2 emissions. It is important to ensure any offsetting offered is in conjunction with reduction strategies to ensure avoidance of any green-washing, and also that any carbon offset projects are of the highest standard.

ATPI has turned attention on the issue following this year’s World Maritime Day, which focused on the issue of ‘greening’ the globe’s shipping industry. ATPI’s Maritime and Energy operation is one of the largest players in that sector and a leader in managing crew travel.

“The shipping industry accounts for up to 3% of global CO2 emissions and is well aware that it has to do something about that,” said Pippa Ganderton, ATPI Halo Product Director. “The aim is to halve emissions by 2050 and there is a huge amount of research and development being done to meet these targets, but what our experience tells us is that offsetting has to play a big part in the meantime.

“World Maritime Day really drew our attention as an organisation to the issue of what makes a genuine offsetting scheme. Whereas ATPI has practiced and believed in sourcing carbon offsets only of the highest quality, we are aware of less credible schemes that infiltrated the market.

“TMCs must lead the way and be able to demonstrate that clients are using a certified, verifiable scheme that really is making a difference.”

In the maritime world, shipping firms are increasingly looking towards alternative fuels such as hydrogen, nuclear and even wind power, with many looking to completely decarbonise by the middle of the century. And with the industry appetite looking to move away from traditional fossil fuels, there is more pressure on regulators to be more ambitious with emission-reduction targets.

As a result, the launch of ATPI Halo one year ago is proving popular with shipping clients looking for a solution to help them measure and reduce third-party (so-called Scope 3) emissions, of which business critical crew travel is a significant contributor.

Marine businesses are looking for an opportunity to maintain the ocean’s biodiversity whilst investing in clean energy projects. For this reason, ATPI added the Delta Blue Carbon Project to its certified offset portfolio. The project allows companies to offset unavoidable emissions by supporting a major mangrove regeneration in Pakistan’s Sindh Province, supporting nature diversity and local communities.

ATPI is also offering consultancy support to clients to identify the extent to their Scope 3 emissions and address these in partnership with reliable carbon offset project providers.
Source: ATPI

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