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The Liberian Registry to continue its growth strategy in 2007 with new services.

This growth poses new challenges to LISCR which attributes a big chunk of it in the quality of services provided, according to the registry’s President, Mr. Brad L. Berman and the Piraeus office head, Mr. Michalis S. Pantazopoulos, speaking to Hellenic Shipping News. Aiming even higher, LISCR is about to introduce a new service from this July, which will give all ship owners and clients of the registry the ability to monitor and have access to the data of their corporate entity, through a dedicated online service. Being one of ...

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Registry of St. Kitts & Nevis completes deal with Hellenic Register of Shipping

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr.Nigel Smith, International Registrar of Shipping & Seamen. The registry of St.Kitts & Nevis, established under the Merchant Shipping Act No.24 of z002, is sailing ahead at full speed since its first ship registration on the 2nd of February of 2005.Since then, the international open Register from the small Eastern Caribbean twin-island federation (1,300 miles southeast of Miami, Florida) has managed to register a total of 334 ships, at a rate of 13.9 vessels on a monthly basis. The total gross tonnage of the vessels is ...

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Mr G. S. Kaminis, Marine Consultant Engineer-Economist and pioneer in the introduction.

Mr Kaminis initially explaned that :due to anticipated shortage and price increase of Low Sulphur Residual Fuels in SECA (Sulphur Emission Control Areas), already some signs appear in the scene in favor of generalization of Distilled, the prices of which are mush higher than the Residual Fuels used today. According to published data and information from Refineries, Fuel Suppliers and Maritime issues, the total demand of Residual Marine Fuels in general, calculated by the balance of numbers of existing ships, new ships on order and estimated to be withdrawn, it ...

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Hellenic Shipping News interviews S.Stamatopoulos, director general of ELSSI.

The ELSSI Program is being used in all Industries: Shipping, Aviation, Petroleum sector, Mass transportation, Insurance companies and Factories. ELSSI provides a Total Quality Substance Abuse Management Program offering integrity and legal defensibility. It consists of a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) approved Lab (highest US accreditation), an MRO Service and an International Collection Network covering 36 countries. Mr. Stamatopoulos highlights the perils from drug and alcohol abuse, regarding on-board security in vessels. He also points out the various regulations and laws that all ship owners must ...

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Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Alexis Aggelopoulos, Chairman of A.C.A Shipping Corp.

The remains of outdated mentality cannot prevail in the new environment of privatization and dense competition among other big ports of the Mediterranean says ?Alexis Aggelopoulos, regarding the dispute in the Port of Piraeus, which has caused a near black-out in the market, during the last month.Furthermore, Mr. Aggelopoulos states that the new series of proposals in order to raise the competitiveness of Hellenic-flagged ships don?t take into account the ships operating in the Mediterranean with capacities of up to 10,000 dwt. As to his predictions on the evolvement of ...

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Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. B.Stamatopoulos, Sales Manager of DNV Petroleum Services.

DNVPS is specializing in marine fuel management, operating five, fully owned laboratories, specifically designed for marine fuel sample analysis.In his interview, Mr. Stamatopoulos comments on current issues and trends regarding the bunkering industry stating that ?it is becoming increasingly apparent more Sox Emission Control Areas (Secas) are likely to follow and ship operators can most likely expect further curbs to the fuel sulphur content permitted in the Secas, which could go down to as low as 0.5% sulphur (or 2g SOx/Kwhr in terms of emissions). It appears to DNVPS that ...

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Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Antonios Venieris of Venieris Group of Companies.

Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. Antonios Venieris of Venieris Group of Companies.The future of freight rates in the container market, as well as the so called ?China? effect in the dry bulk market, were among the issues we discussed with Mr. well as the so called ?China? effect in the dry bulk market, were among the issues we discussed with Mr. Antonios Venieris, head of the Venieris Group of Companies, which among others acts as an agent for Senator Lines and Hanjin Shipping. In his exclusive interview, Mr. Venieris stayed ...

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Hellenic Shipping News interviews Mr. D.Kostaras, Director Technology and Business Development.

Dimitrios Kostaras, Director Technology and Business Development for Eastern Region of ABS reminds us in his interview to Hellenic Shipping News about the long tradition he Classification Society has with the Hellenic maritime ndustry, gives details about the nature of the business in Hellas and highlights the views of ABS regarding contemporary issues in the industry, such as bunker fuel future and the new CSR (Common Structural Rules) for newbuildings. Β Which are the exact activities of ABS in general and in Greece in particular? ABS is one of the world’s ...

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