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Avoiding enclosed spaces accidents

Accidents in enclosed spaces continue to cause serious injuries and fatalities on board ships. Accident analysis shows that failure to follow established procedures is one of the primary causes of such accident. Despite regulations being in place to control the risks associated with enclosed space operations, seafarers are still dying in enclosed space incidents.

Although the details of these accidents differ, various incident investigations found a number of root causes, including:

Experienced officers directing junior seafarers to enter a confined space without complying with the vessel’s established confined space entry procedures.
Officers failing to inform the Master that a confined space was going to be entered.
Seafarers, including senior officers, entering the confined space without use of proper equipment to assist a fellow crewmember who has gotten into difficulty in the space.
The last root cause is a reminder that well-intentioned seafarers who enter a confined space to assist a fellow crewmember will likely become a second casualty. While the motivation to help is understandable, this can delay a proper rescue operation and increase the potential for one or more deaths.

To help avoid such tragic consequences, Seagull Maritime offers enclosed space training titles in a range of formats, including onboard and distance courses, e-learning modules and learning films. Providing knowledge and awareness of the hazards and dangers of enclosed space entry, these modules are also helpful to those who plan and execute mandatory enclosed space entry and rescue drills on board the vessel.
Source: Seagull

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