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Awake.AI Redefines Maritime Logistics

Awake.AI, the growth engine for smart ports and shipping, announces the launch of Smart Port as a ServiceTM , a real-time overview and collaboration solution for all maritime actors. It improves situational awareness and enables smarter operational optimization, considerably benefiting the industry and society at large.

When ships are making port calls, it is crucial that all processes, such as unloading and loading, as well as documentation, progress without waiting times. In most cases, this does not happen very smoothly, which creates uncertainty, ultimately leading to wasting time and resources, as well as causing unnecessary emissions.

Awake.AI’s unique solution brings together sea, port and land logistics by providing real-time communication and excellent overview capabilities. In addition, it progressively guides users to improve the utilization of their resources. These unmatched features are enabled through effective communication and open information sharing by the collaborating partners, ultimately resulting in better operational planning and optimization of port calls. This is a completely new way of thinking in terms of openness and sharing of information between collaborators, compared to the traditional way of operating in silos. The Awake platform includes state-of-the-art security governance and security operations models and procedures that support managing cyber threats. The Awake platform is the most trusted, also from a security point of view.

Awake.AI is enabling the transition to intelligent operations and sustainability. Awake.AI is an advocate of digital transformation in maritime logistics, which is key to complying with more stringent environmental regulations.

“We are bringing together sea, port, and land logistics in a way that has not been done before. Smart Port as a ServiceTM delivers substantial value to our clients in integrating and providing predictions to the entire maritime logistics chain operations.”
-Karno Tenovuo, Co-founder, CEO

Redefining the future of maritime business

Smart Port as a Service™ provides a comprehensive overview and enables users to get the most out of their operations. It is a turnkey solution, easily implemented into any business process. The artificial intelligence (AI)-based predictions are continuously improving and are significantly more accurate than other data sources used by port actors today. The benefits include the following:

– Better operational planning and optimization of port calls
– Highly improved situational awareness
– Shared and transparent communication
– Greater operational efficiency

The ability to predict accurately originates from Awake.AI’s AI algorithms, utilizing multiple data sources, such as weather forecasts, vessel information and historical data. With more accurate predictions, all port call actors will save time and costs while increasing their operational efficiency. To make precise predictions, Awake.AI also uses machine learning (ML) methods as an integral part of its service offering. ML enables progressive streamlining of operations by harvesting, analyzing and gaining understanding from vast amounts of data. In addition, ML can provide a better general overview of the business environment.
Source: Awake.AI

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