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Bidding Announcement of Multipurpose Ship “AN JI 15”

Entrusted by the transferor (the Sellers), we have scheduled to hold a public bidding online (www.shipbid.net) from 10:00 to 10:30 (Beijing Time) on December 08th, 2022.

1. Bidding Object:

MV “AN JI 15”, Multipurpose Ship; Class: ZC; PoR: Nanning, China; LOA/Breadth/Depth: 98.00m/15.80m/7.40m; GT/NT: 2994/1676; DWCC: 5000t(265Teu) @ 5.90m Draft; Light Displacement: 1485.14t; M/E: 1 set 8320ZCd-6, [email protected]; Built: July 26th, 2005 at Zhejiang Dongfang Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.; Next SS/DD: February 28th, 2027/ February 28th, 2024.

Note: The subject Vessel, surveyed by OMCS Class, has been under Bareboat C/P under Panama Flag with the type of Multipurpose Container Ship and trading within Vietnam, China including Taiwan, Korea, Japan and Far East of Russia.

All the information and data refer to the Vessel provided in this Announcement, Special Provisions as well as the attachments are for reference only. If there is any discrepancy, the Statutory certificates, Class certificates and actual vessel status shall prevail.

2. Bidding Rules

2.1 This bidding will be held with a reserved price. If there are less than two bidders participating in the bidding, this bidding shall be deemed failed upon the completion of the announcing period. If there are two or more bidders participating in the bidding, the trans-fer of the Vessel will be carried out by auction. No one has the preemptive right to the transfer of Vessel.

2.2 The starting price is RMB 9.88million, and the bidding deposit is RMB 1million (or USD 0.15million). Bid increment is a multi-ple of RMB 0.02million.

2.3 The bidding time will enter into Extension Cycle since 10:25 on the bidding day after the bidding officially starts. And then the ending time will be refreshed to 5 minutes once each new bidding price offered.

2.4 The time of this auction activity shall be subject to Beijing time (unless otherwise expressly stated).

3. Registration Requirements

3.1 Registration is available from the date of this Announcement and ends before the auction starts on the bidding day (subject to the receipt of bidding deposit, the completion of online registration on the platform and the receipt of the bidding number. It is recom-mended that bidders pay the deposit 1-2 days in advance in order to avoid any issues). No registration will be accepted after the deadline. After successful registration, the bidder shall be deemed to have fully known, accepted and complied with the contents of this announcement, bidding rules, special provisions and relevant agreements.

3.2 Any natural persons with full civil capacity in China and corporation or organization in and outside the People’s Republic of China with full capacity for civil conduct and legally existing may participate in this bidding..

3.3 The bidder shall submit the following documents for registration (including but not limited to):

● Certificate of Incorporation

● Articles of Incorporation

● Copy of Director’s Passport

● Undertaking for Bidding

● Bank slip of bidding deposit

4. Date and Place for Inspection of the Vessel:

Inspection place is to be determined (according to specific voyage and port arrangement, and we will issue the notice in advance if possible) please confirm with the bidding company for details. Potential bidders can inspect the Vessel within the stipulated time. The risk and expenses in relation to the inspection shall be borne by the potential bidders. The bidding company and the Sellers shall only be responsible for coordination work. Potential bidders who fail to participate in the on-site inspection yet complete the registra-tion procedure within the prescribed inspection time shall be deemed to have recognized and accepted the status quo and defects of the Vessel, including but not limited to all known and unknown defects related to the vessel certificates and the vessel condition, etc. Potential bidders shall not object to defects, such as the quality, of the Vessel for any reason.

5. Account of Bidding Company (USD Acct):

●Beneficiary: Zhejiang Shipping Exchange Market Co., Ltd.

●Beneficiary Address: 6th Floor, Zhoushan Bulk Commodity Exchange Center, No.555 Wengshan Rd, Lincheng Zhoushan Zhejiang Province, P.R.China

●Account No. : 3309040160000036851

●SWIFT (Beneficiary Bank): HZCBCN2HZSB

●Beneficiary Bank: Bank of Hangzhou Co., Ltd, Zhoushan Branch

●Beneficiary Bank Address: No.619, Dingshen Road, Ganghang Building B Zone, Zhoushan city, Zhejiang Prov. P.R. China

●Remittance Reference: AN JI 15

6. Contacts:

Ms. Wen: +86-18058087023/ 0580-2038333;

Ms. Chen: +86 18058087026/ 0580-2038889;

E-mail: [email protected]


Source: Shipbid

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