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BMT Supports MCS with redesign and innovation

Since its launch in 2019, Maritime Craft Services Clyde Ltd (MCS) SWATH 2 vessel has successfully supported MCS’s offshore wind operations. To reduce the environmental impact of the vessel and improve machinery space accessibility, MCS has partnered with BMT, a leader in maritime design, engineering, and consultancy, to upgrade the propulsion plant. These modifications will reduce GHG emissions, bolster MCS SWATH 2’s capabilities, and extend its operating cycle.

Drawing upon its vast maritime heritage and excellence in naval architecture and design, BMT undertook a comprehensive evaluation of the MCS SWATH 2’s design and operation. This led to a significant redesign of the vessel’s machinery spaces. The quad-drive Scania propulsion system was replaced with a dual MAN D2862 engine setup, significantly reducing the vessel’s environmental impact whilst improving accessibility and maintenance efficiency within the machinery spaces.

This redesign has brought several enhancements to the vessel: improved safety with better engine room access for crew, enhanced navigation visibility by removing obstructive foredeck-mounted exhausts, and reduced fuel consumption through a more efficient engine arrangement. These changes also provide compliance with the latest IMO Tier 3 emissions standards, emphasising BMT and MCS’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, the adjustments have decreased vibrations and overall downtime for planned maintenance, boosting the vessel’s operational availability.

Toby Freeman, Senior Naval Architect – Commercial Maritime at BMT, remarked,

“This ‘retrofit’ project is a testament to BMT’s dedication to supporting our customers with optimising solutions that address their complex challenges head-on. Our efforts with MCS have not only improved MCS SWATH 2’s functionality but also aligned it with global environmental standards, marking a significant step towards cleaner and safer maritime operations.”

Menno Kuyt, Managing Director, Maritime Craft Services added,

“BMT’s technical expertise and innovative solutions were critical in addressing the vessel’s challenges. This project has not only elevated our operational capabilities but has also strengthened our partnership with BMT, ensuring that our growing fleet remains cutting-edge in terms of safety and efficiency.”
The retrofit project is on track for completion by the end of 2024, after which the MCS SWATH 2 is expected to re-enter service with enhanced reliability and efficiency, ready to meet the demands of modern maritime operations.

Recognised for its industry expertise, BMT consistently delivers innovative solutions to the maritime sector, particularly within the growing CTV market. BMT’s consultancy support services are fully tailored to help customers attain the most cost-efficient and operationally effective solutions possible.

MCS, a leader in the maritime industry, operates a versatile fleet of CTVs, workboats and tugs, supporting major offshore wind, dredging and marine construction projects globally. Renowned for its dependable and robust services, MCS is a trusted partner in maritime operations. The ongoing advancements and strategic collaboration between BMT and MCS underscore their mutual dedication to maritime excellence, innovation, and sustainability.
Source: BMT

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