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Brexit: HTFS provides support in cross-border traffic

HT Ferry Service UAB (HTFS), supports transport companies in implementing the new border entry and customs regulations in the UK. Despite months of preparations, the Brexit has turned cross-border traffic across and beneath the English Channel upside down. Long truck queues as a result of missing or incorrect documents are a daily occurrence at the terminals in Dunkirk, Calais, Dover or Folkestone. HTFS organises the entire transport for its customers, from booking the tickets to customs clearance, and provides consulting during the crossing.

„Brexit is causing chaotic conditions for cross-border traffic to or from the UK. Overloaded customs agents and missing documents from many transport companies are responsible for most of the time delays,” says Silvija Supranavičiūtė, COO of HT Ferry Service UAB, who adds: “In the transport business, time always means money.” That’s why the specialists in Kaunas, Lithuania, are on duty all around the clock to plan their customers’ transport routes. “We advise on processes, create individual checklists for the necessary documents, book ferry or train tickets and take care of customs clearance,” explains Supranavičiūtė.

The Brexit experts at HT Ferry Service UAB work around the clock to organize the entire transport process for their clients. (Photo: HTFS)

The required documents for the entry vary from country to country. Many transport companies are currently finding it particularly difficult to maintain an accurate overview of the situation: “The ones who suffer are usually the drivers, who are already under additional stress because of the pandemic situation,” the manager reports. “Most of them speak neither English nor French, and the threat of delays in their deliveries increases the pressure even more.”

HTFS prepared for Brexit at an early stage and built up the corresponding expertise. This know-how and several other services are now available to its transport partners. “In principle, customers only have to tell us whether they want to cross to the other side by ferry or through the tunnel. We handle the rest,” says Supranavičiūtė.
Source: HTFS

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