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Bunker fuel loadings held back by ongoing strikes in France – sources

In the southern French port of Marseille-Fos, one supplier is unable to load barges at the Fluxel oil terminal as striking workers have blocked supply from the terminal, a source says.

Some suppliers can load LSMGO through trucks at the nearby Dépôts Pétroliers de Fos SA (DPF), but access to the terminal could be blocked any time by the striking workers, the source warns.

It is possible to load barges at BP GDF oil terminal in Frontignan, but the waiting time is about 6-7 hours.

In the northern French ports of Le Havre and Montoir, one supplier is unable to supply VLSFO by barge. LSMGO supply is possible but depends on how accessible the port is, the source adds.

Bunkering of vessel in Marseille-Fos. Port of Marseille

Overall, availability and bunker lead times are unpredictable across French ports, sources say.

Fuel deliveries from ExxonMobil’s subsidiary Esso refinery in Fos-sur-Mer have been blocked by striking workers, according to a Reuters report. Meanwhile, the French government has issued requisition orders for workers to return to work.

Around 36% of TotalEnergies’ staff employed at French refineries and depots remained on strike today, Reuters reports.

Workers across sectors in France are protesting the government’s plans to reform the country’s retirement system, including raising the retirement age from 62 to 64.

Protests intensified late last week after the government forced the reform through parliament without a vote. President Emmanuel Macron’s government faced a no confidence vote in parliament on Monday, and narrowly survived the motion.
Source: Engine Technologies

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