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Cable and pipe transits – just as important as fire doors

Based on his vast experience from onboard inspections, senior inspector Per Törnström of Roxtec has an urgent message to owners and builders of marine and offshore units:

Roxtec Senior inspector Per Törnström shares his experiences from the field when it comes to installation quality of cable and pipe transits.

“Cable and pipe seals are vital for the passive fire protection. If they are not correctly installed, a fire can spread and water flood between compartments.

Your assets are unnecessarily put at risk.”

He says that ship owners tend to think they have their cable and pipe penetrations under control. But after years of changes and upgrades, this is rarely the case. Forgetting to seal properly around cables or pipes after maintenance is like leaving a fire rated door wide open. Per Törnström recommends complete transit inspections on new-builds as well as refitted units:
“Safety products, such as fire rated doors, are inspected and documented. Why not the transits?”

Roxtec sealing experts Peter Iverfeldt and Per Törnström will host an educative webinar on how to secure transits in marine and offshore Environments.

Sharing safety insights
Per Törnström has seen too many poorly installed cable and pipe penetration seals during the years and he is convinced about the importance of increasing awareness. Therefore, he participates as sealing expert in the webinar ”How to secure your transits”, presented 10:00-10:45 CET on March 12, 2019. Anyone working with safety in marine environments should sign-up.
Source: Roxtec

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