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China poses more of an opportunity to Europe than a threat: German commentary

China poses more of an opportunity to Europe than a threat, according to a commentary published in Germany’s Handelsblatt on March 21.

The rise of Asia, and especially China, is shifting the focus of the world’s economy and politics from West to East, according to the article titled “Europe must be liberated from the U.S.,” and penned by Stefan Baron, former head of communications at Deutsche Bank.

Baron states that Europe has been too focused on the U.S., even after the country began to shift its strategic focus to Asia during the Obama administration.

Unlike the United States, Europe does not have the global hegemony to lose. Instead, the rise of China and Washington’s relevant response have huge impacts on European interests, with Baron emphasizing that it requires Europe to rethink.

Instead of worrying about threats from China, the article pointed out that what threatens Europe is Washington’s refusal of abandoning its global hegemony and its attempts to hinder Beijing’s further rise.

Strategic cooperation with China, such as the Belt and Road Initiative, will provide ample development opportunities for Europe and especially Germany, according to Baron.

The article spoke highly of the Eastern Policy formulated by former German Chancellor Willy Brandt. Baron suggested that if European countries could follow Brandt’s policy and formulate a wise and confident Far-Eastern Policy, it could help the continent play a leadership role in building a multipolar world order and avoid a Cold War 2.0.

Stressing Europe should not be an observer or choose to stand with one side in the geopolitical competition between the world’s two largest economies, Baron said Europe must pursue its own interests and seek a win-win cooperation with China.
Source: CGTN

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