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China’s first homegrown ultradeep ocean drillship completes trial voyage

China’s first domestically developed drilling vessel with the world’s deepest drilling depth, “Mengxiang” (Dream), completed its maiden trial voyage on Tuesday in the Pearl River Estuary waters of south China’s Guangdong Province.

The results showed that the performance and various indicators of the vessel’s main power and other marine systems are all qualified.
The “Mengxiang,” featuring high stability and structural strength, can operate in unlimited navigational areas worldwide and drill as deep as 11,000 meters in the sea.

The vessel sailed about 500 nautical miles for the trial, fulfilling commissioning and verification of 19 key marine systems such as the ship’s propulsion system and rescue anchorage, and completing internationally required certification-related projects as planned. Its adaptability was also verified during the trial.

High-tech device
Zhang Haibin, chief designer of the “Mengxiang” from 708 Research Institute under the China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), told China Media Group (CMG) that “we successfully passed the Lingdingyang Bridge during the trial this time.”
“Thanks to its small tonnage, multi-functional and modular design highlights, the ocean drilling ship can adapt to the docking requirements of most terminals in the world, with its construction and operating costs being reduced by over 40 percent than comparable international drilling vessels,” Zhang added.

The “Mengxiang,” also home to the world’s largest and most comprehensive onboard laboratory, will contribute to the exploration and exploitation of marine energy resources, national energy security, and maritime power construction.

Key technologies adopted such as the digital twin system will enable the intelligent collaboration in scientific experiments and the monitoring of the whole process of drilling operation.

With a world-leading marine drilling capacity, it will drill through the Earth’s crust and into the upper mantle, which accounts for four-fifths of the Earth’s volume and three-fourths of its mass.
Source: CGTN

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