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CLIA report addresses alternative fuels for cruise

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) released last week its Global Cruise Industry Environmental Technologies and Practices Inventory together with an associated Environmental Report produced by Oxford Economics. The report, which demonstrates the industry’s commitment to responsible tourism practices and continued progress on the development and implementation of new environmental technologies, is published as CLIA ocean-going members commit to pursue net carbon neutral cruising by 2050. For the first time, the Oxford Economics Environmental Report also addresses the challenge posed by the need for new, alternative fuels and the steps the industry is taking to support progress. Specifically, in addition to LNG, over three-quarters of the global cruise fleet by passenger capacity is now equipped to use alternative fuels. Alternative fuel sources to heavy fuel oils being developed include biodiesel, methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, and electric batteries.

The report notes that there remain engineering, supply, and regulatory hurdles before the large-scale adoption of such fuels can take place, but the cruise industry’s growing investment in new ships is facilitating the research and development of these fuels. The report notes that CLIA ocean-going cruise lines continue to make substantial progress across a range of areas, including shore-side power capability, LNG fuel, exhaust gas cleaning systems (scrubbers) and advanced wastewater treatment systems. CLIA member cruise lines have committed to a 40% reduction in the rate of carbon emissions across the global fleet by 2030, compared to 2008, consistent with the International Maritime Organization’s carbon intensity reduction level of ambition. You can download the report from the CLIA website.
Source: IAPH

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