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ClipperTelemed+ remote telemedicine service helps avoid medical evacuation diversions

Global maritime telemedicine service ClipperTelemed+ has helped two yachts racing round the world avoid diverting and carrying out a medical evacuation thanks to its expert remote medical advice.

A 68-year-old crew member of a round the world yacht race team was suffering concerning symptoms that could have indicated a potential heart attack during the race from the UK to Brazil.

But after calling ClipperTelemed+ and seeking advice and a diagnosis from a specialist doctor, the yacht’s Skipper was able to treat the crew member for heat exhaustion instead. After close observation, repeating vital signs, and rehydration, he was able to return to normal duties – a diversion or medevac was prevented.

A different crew member on another yacht suffered a large cut to his upper arm, and a wrist deformity after an accident up the mast. With expert medical support and reassurance over the satellite phone from the telemedicine service, the crew member’s Skipper was able to give stitches and re-set the broken wrist with adequate analgesia, traction and splinting to the crew member.

The immediate care aboard was similar to what could be provided in an Emergency Department (other than an x-ray) and avoided a vessel diversion.

The Skipper who provided the care for the broken wrist said: “Having someone on the phone that was able to guide me through the entire process was very reassuring. Although I had practiced dealing with certain medical scenarios with doctors from ClipperTelemed+ before we set off round the world, it was still very helpful to have someone there – albeit on the phone – when it came to the real thing.”

ClipperTelemed+ offers 24/7 global emergency and remote general medical support for crews of merchant ships and superyachts and for solo yachtsmen or individual yachts.

ClipperTelemed+ services offer advanced telemedicine methods from fully qualified emergency physicians within five minutes, wherever the casualty is located, in most languages.

The physicians can help diagnose and treat anything from broken bones to infections, collapsed lungs, dislocated shoulders and abdominal injuries while giving advice on using/administering medicine from the on board kit they also provide.

Not just for emergency care, ClipperTelemed+ physicians diagnose and treat crew on board ships for any medical condition in any operating environment. They also have the medical history of the patient stored.
The ClipperTelemed+ doctors are used to making a diagnosis just with their ears with patients at sea, often in noisy and distracting environments. They are highly sensitive to the stress of the caller and the situation.
Source: ClipperTelemed

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