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CMA CGM and the Plastic Flamingo mitigate plastic packaging pollution with new recycling line

The Plastic Flamingo (the PLAF), with the support of the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, has launched a new recycling line at PLAF upcycling factory in Muntinlupa to upcycle the hard-to-recycle plastic sachet in the Philippines. This new recycling line creates an incentive for waste collectors to pick up the discarded plastic packaging, instead of leaving them behind as litter that collects on the streets, in sewers and spills into rivers and oceans. This launch marks a milestone as part of CMA CGM and the PLAF’s partnership, which aims to collect 120 metric tons of plastic waste to be upcycled in Metro Manila within a year.

Reducing discarded plastic sachet as marine plastic pollution

2.7 million metric tons of plastic waste are generated in the Philippines each year with about 20 per cent ending up in the ocean. Single-serving plastic packaging has posed as one of the biggest waste issues in this country where an estimated 163 million pieces of sachets are consumed daily, according to the World Bank.

With the CMA CGM-funded recycling line, the PLAF will now be able to expand its range of recycled plastic products beyond those that are used to build shelters, boardwalks and outdoor furniture today. The PLAF will optimise the new line to roll out more products to stimulate a market for recycled plastic products and enhance the circular plastic economy.

With the PLAF upcycling plastic sachets ahead, the social enterprise is now able to reduce plastic sachet from the equation of marine plastic pollution, saving marine biodiversity and the food chain.

75 of 120 metric tons of plastic already collected

The addition of the PLAF’s new recycling line stems from its collaboration with the CMA CGM Group to stop 120 metric tons of plastic from leaking into the ocean. Since last September, about 75 metric tons of plastics have been collected through junk shops, individual waste collectors and various collection points across Metro Manila. The PLAF’s network of collection points include drop-off points, shops, schools, villages and offices including those of CMA CGM and CEVA Logistics where staff members are contributing by depositing their used plastics into containers.

The CMA CGM-PLAF partnership also supports the employment of 12 local staff at PLAF’s factory in Muntinlupa. With the new recycling line up and running, they will continue as part of the PLAF’s production team in taking plastic upcycling forward in the Philippines.

CMA CGM acting for Planet and fighting against plastic pollution

The CMA CGM Group has always considered its economic performance as being inseparable from its social and environmental performance, and aims to build a more efficient, resilient and sustainable global trade. This ambition is embodied by BETTER WAYS, the Group’s new signature. The CMA CGM Group is committed to becoming Net Zero Carbon by 2050 and has made the pioneering choice of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which today represents the best solution for preserving air quality and also provides an initial response in the fight against global warming. The Group is also multiplying its actions to protect the oceans and biodiversity through projects to restore fragile marine ecosystems and is actively involved in the fight against plastic pollution.

Thus, the Group decided it will no longer carry plastic waste on board any of its ships worldwide from June 1st, a landmark decision in the shipping industry. The CMA CGM Group continues its initiatives to protect the environment, notably through a recent partnership with the earth wake project, which aims to transform plastic waste into a source of energy.

Francois Lesage, Founder of the PLAF said, “Thanks to CMA CGM, we are now empowered with new capabilities and resources to transform the almost-impossible-to-recycle plastic sachets into products like eco-panels which can be used to build shelters. The new recycling line also translates into value for waste pickers to collect the plastic wrappers to be recycled at our factory in Muntinlupa. We shall also involve our network of collection points and volunteers in collecting plastic sachets along with other recyclable plastics so that we make the collective impact in removing them as discarded plastic waste.”

Yeya Berjaoui, General Manager of CMA CGM Philippines said, “The CMA CGM-PLAF partnership demonstrates CMA CGM’s determination to fight plastic pollution; as well as seek better ways to protect our environment and drive fair trade. This June, we shall stop transporting plastic waste to curb their flows to destinations where sorting and recycling are not guaranteed. Through our partnership with the PLAF, we tackle plastic pollution by involving the important community and enhancing the PLAF’s capabilities in blocking the plastic tide in the Philippines.”
Source: CMA CGM

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