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CMA CGM transports Summer’s “cool” products

– CMA CGM transports 30 million liters of ice cream, 12 billion bananas, 900 million pineapples and 2.5 billion kiwifruits around the world each year
– CMA CGM draws on its Reefer expertise to preserve the taste qualities of fresh products

Ice cream, bananas, pineapples or kiwifruits: so many fresh products to satisfy the taste buds of young and old during the Summer season. The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, recalls its role in the transport of these flagship Summer foods.

CMA CGM, a key player in trade exchanges

A major player in international economic exchanges, last year the CMA CGM Group transported more than 21 million TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) containers, including many food products that are particularly popular during the Summer.

In 2018, the 511 ships of the CMA CGM Group thus transported:

  • 30 million liters of ice cream, particularly between metropolitan France and the French overseas territories;
  • 12 billion bananas, mainly from the French West Indies and Latin America to Europe. Last November, Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the CMA CGM Group, renewed the contract for the transport of French West Indies bananas with the UGPBAN producers’ union until 2026. These bananas will be transported on board a recently renewed and modernized fleet sailing under the French flag;
  • 900 million pineapples, in particular from Latin America to Europe;
  • 2.5 billion kiwifruits, mainly from New Zealand to Europe and from France to the rest of the world. France is indeed one of the world’s leading producers of kiwifruit; most of it is cultivated in SouthWest France and then exported throughout the world.

CMA CGM, a Reefer expert, preserves the taste of fresh products.

The Group draws on its Reefer (“refrigerated container”) expertise to ensure the transport of these productsunder optimal storage conditions. With one of the largest fleets of refrigerated containers in the world representing 385,000 TEUs, the Group is constantly innovating to serve its customers.

CMA CGM thus offers cutting-edge solutions under controlled atmosphere, which make it possible to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by maintaining their taste qualities, so that they can be exported to more distant markets. These technologies do not use any chemicals, allowing producers to keep their organic labels when exporting with the CMA CGM Group.
Source: CMA CGM

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