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CMA D. ARGOUDELIS & CO S.A. supports as Bronze Sponsor the research project entitled “A.S.A.T. (Aristotle Space & Aeronautics Team, project Sirius Engine)”, showing its confidence in the effort of the student team of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

CMA offers high tech sensors which will be integrated into the engine’s electronic systems in order to study it during the static tests to be carried out.

ASAT’s Rocketry department, in order to test its SRAD engines, needs high-tech sensors that offer thrust and pressure measurements. This project had specific requirements regarding the pressure sensor, for the range of measurements and the method of connection to data acquisition systems. CMA after communicating with ASAT fully understood the requirements and vision of the project and provided the appropriate pressure sensor.

We believe that with this cooperation will:
✓ support the vision of A.S.A.T. team.
✓ schedule training seminars in house to learn for these technologies and how we can make a step forward.
✓ joint together events for the same purpose.

More information about the Rocketry & Aeronautics project are below:

The main vision of the Rocketry Department is to spread awareness regarding the rocketry science at a national level, acquire expertise and participate in global and European rocketry competitions.
High levels of dedication to the achievement of the aforementioned goals are indicated by the participation of the team, both in the global rocketry competition Spaceport America Cup (SAC), and in the European Rocketry Challenge (EuRoC). ASAT is the first and only Greek student team that managed to successfully launch two high-powered rockets during its participation in the above competitions, in the years 2021 and 2022.

The research field of the Aeronautics Department is the development of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), which includes the aerodynamic and structural design of an aircraft along with the development of innovative and autonomous avionics systems.
A lot of the UAVs are constructed with the aim of participating in global competitions, like the Air Cargo Challenge (ACC). During this competition, the teams are judged based on their ability to satisfy specific mission requirements, such as lifting excessive cargo or achieving great autonomy in flight. Through its participation in the Air Cargo Challenge in 2017, 2019 and 2022. ASAT has obtained the 1st and 2nd place among the Academic Institutions of Greece and the Balkans, while is also among the 10 best aeronautics teams in the world.

An important venture of the Aeronautics Department, due to its humanitarian nature, is the design and construction of a UAV which will be powered by solar energy. Its mission is to detect wildfires in forest areas. The utilisation of solar energy satisfies the means of great endurance and, at the same time, proves our interest in renewable energy sources. Moreover, the UAV will be controlled by an autopilot system for its autonomous flight, while it will also include a telemetry and emergency telecommand system utilising the 4G / LTE network.

The successful construction and flight of the solar UAV “Phoenix” will provide timely detection of wildfires in the first stages of their outspread, so that the necessary measures can be taken fast and efficiently.

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