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COVID-19 – Singapore launches SeaVax 2.0

Please refer to our previous news item from September linked at the bottom of this page, when the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the Singapore Shipping Tripartite Resilience (SG-STAR) Fund launched the SeaVax programme.

Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) collaborated with Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) and the Fullerton Health Group (FHG) in setting up a vaccination (SeaVax) centre in Singapore for seafarers.

The pilot programme was limited to seafarers who were in Singapore for more than 30 days or regularly called Singapore on vessels which were only working in the region.

The lukewarm reception to SeaVax by the industry after its launch called for a pressing industry engagement to gather feedback. The stringent requirements for seafarers to be eligible for the programme was the main concern which deterred many from signing up at SeaVax. In response, SSA led conversations with MPA and the multi-ministry taskforce (MTF) on how to improve the initial pilot programme to SeaVax 2.0.

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Source: The Standard Club

With the approval from relevant government agencies, the changes to the operational flows and terms of eligibility of SeaVax 2.0 are as follows:

1. No changes to the Tanjong Pagar Terminal (TPT) vaccination centre
2. Sign-On Crew (open to crew joining vessel same day, or having a stay in dedicated holding facilities and joining vessel later)
3. Crew onboard vessels at PSA or Jurong Port (JP) terminals and vessels in Shipyards (regardless of no. of days inside shipyards)
4. Crew onboard vessels at anchorages
5. For point 3 and 4, only crew who are planning to be vaccinated will take ART tests before disembarking from vessel to get to the vaccination centre at TPT
6. Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will issue special pass for crew to disembark, in order to get to the TPT vaccination centre
7. Ship owner/ manager/ agent to ensure that crew who requires visa have a valid visa before disembarking the vessel
8. Current crew change procedures in terms of safe bubble transportation will be complied for crew going on land transport to TPT vaccination centre
9. Simplified process (online application)
10. Crew can receive vaccination (either 1st dose, 2nd dose, or 3rd dose as a booster dose) as long as the interval period between doses is met, and acknowledged on the application form with regards to the crew making this informed decision and its indemnity
11. Industry to submit/ provide forecasts for crew to be vaccinated for SSA to manage proper planning to optimise resource (timing to meet crew vaccination timeslots, mobilising vaccination teams, and drawing of vaccines) through the SEAVAX 2.0 feedback form linked below.
Participation in the vaccination programme is on voluntary basis. There is no discrimination in regards to which country risk listing the ships are arriving from. Companies and seafarers will need to submit their applications, at least three (3) days before the crew arrives in Singapore.

For more information, please refer to the Guidebook on Seafarers Vaccination in the Port of Singapore which can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

There is another link below to register for SeaVax 2.0.

For crew onboard vessels at shipyard who will be staying for at least 30 days, ship owner/ manager/ agent can apply for their crew’s vaccination via the link at the bottom of this page.
Source: The Standard Club

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