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Data Lake for Maritime & Trade

Data volumes are growing at an exponential rate and unprecedented low storage costs are allowing firms to collect huge amounts of data in a viable way. The potential for uncovering insight and predicting trade has never been greater.

Yet, the process of data to insight is fraught with challenges. Custom data types and formats, combined with complex structures, mean that data needs to be interpreted in order to be used effectively. Specialists are required to extract meaningful insight and the so-called ‘time-to-value challenge’ sees firms grappling for months with datasets before any actionable intelligence is extracted.

The IHS Markit Data Lake empowers you to uncover business insights more quickly by exploring, accessing and coalescing our data, your data and third-party data on a single, cloud-based platform. Populated with over 1,000 of our datasets from multiple industries, including financial services, automotive, maritime, energy & natural resources, they have been curated into more than 350 data packages to expedite time-to-value.

Data Lake Overview:Access & enable

• Robust entitlement controls to manage who has access to your data

• Open API framework supports any data management/analysis tools


• User-friendly catalogue to search & discover data
• Detailed descriptions , dictionaries and access to SMEs


• Publish or consume data without any dependencies
• Bring your compute to the data to access ready -built infrastructure

Data Lake services

• Leverage our experts to provide data science and/or engineering as a ser vice
• Onboarding and training ser vices to support rapid deployment

Comingle & organize

• Multi-tenant architecture to centralize and organize your data , IHS Markit data & third-party data to find insights
• Bring together structured, semi-structured & unstructured data

Maritime & Trade Use Cases

By transforming the way in which you find and access data, the Data Lake supports advanced analytics and data science at scale. It opens up the opportunity to derive new insights that can drive innovation and new product creation.

Companies are accessing a wide variety of our Maritime & Trade datasets, including our Global Trade datasets for bilateral import and export trade data and transactional bill-of-lading cargo information, our Ship Movements for monitoring vessel activity and our new Risk & Compliance datasets to better understand a variety of risk factors affecting international shipping, defense and global trade. Use the Data Lake to:

  • Conduct supply chain analysis and accelerate your decision-making: Gain access to key market and operational insights to evaluate the global supply chain, identify suppliers and buyers, reduce compliance risk and identify which vessels to charter.
  • Take advantage of price differences by better identifying arbitrage opportunities: Understand market fundamentals and predict near term supply and demand shifts across the global commodity market value chain.
  • Tackle the rise of illicit trade in goods: Our data and analytics address strategic challenges by linking maritime operations and commodity movements to ensure commercial and government customers make well-informed decisions.
  • Minimize exposure to sanctions and financing risk within trade finance and supply chain networks: Integrate ship and ship movement data with a risk-based events dataset, simplifying the task of analyzing multiple datasets from multiple sources and enabling faster decision-making.
  • Support the decarbonization of international shipping through ESG insight and reporting: Access accurate vessel data that support ESG issues for the shipping sector, enabling more informed decision-making. This is complemented by the IHS Markit ESG Reporting Repository which revolutionizes ESG data storage and dissemination by centralizing access and improving transparency.

Source: IHS Markit

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