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Dataloy and Nautilus Labs Announce Strategic Integration to Elevate Maritime Decision-making

Dataloy, a front-runner in maritime voyage management systems, and Nautilus Labs, renowned for pioneering the decarbonization of the ocean supply chain, today unveiled their seamless integration. This collaborative venture is designed to offer maritime companies a robust, unified platform, blending the strengths of both entities to drive smarter and more informed decision-making. “Maritime operations in today’s fast-paced world demand agility and foresight,” stated Erik Fritz Loy, CEO, Dataloy.

“By integrating with Nautilus Labs, we’re not only streamlining data workflows but also offering actionable insights that can markedly elevate operational efficiency.” The integration will leverage Dataloy’s robust API infrastructure, allowing Nautilus Labs to ingest vital maritime data — from noon reports and commercial specifics to pertinent environmental metrics. Using this rich source of data, Nautilus Labs’ advanced machine learning solutions are able to provide owners and operators with a precise understanding and simulation of vessel performance, helping them make the right decisions.

This new innovative ecosystem streamlines data transfer, fortifies data resources, and reshapes owner-charterer interactions through insightful, machine learning-derived analytics. With this partnership, clients gain access to tools for optimized operations, reduced operational costs, and a competitive edge. The seamless integration ensures a comprehensive perspective on vessel performance and removes the need for repetitive data submissions, improving operational efficiency. “Our strategic partnership with Dataloy marks a transformative milestone in the maritime industry,” remarks Jan Wilhelmsson, Chief Digital Officer and Managing Director, UK, at Nautilus Labs. “By seamlessly integrating data through Dataloy, we empower ship owners and operators to harness the power of actionable insights. With this unified approach, our clients are equipped to simulate vessel and fleet performance to make better decisions on their path to future-proofing their business in terms of commercial advantages and decarbonization.”
Source: Dataloy

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