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Dryad Global Partners with BlackBerry to Deliver Advanced Cybersecurity for Vessel Protection

Dryad Global leverages the power of BlackBerry’s Cylance AI to advance the protection of vessels and maritime cyber endpoint security, to proactively detect malware and prevent cyberattacks, and optimize bandwidth and connectivity.

As a prominent risk technology provider offering comprehensive security, operations, and threat intelligence solutions, Dryad Global has now added maritime malware protection and enhanced cybersecurity services to its ARMS portfolio. This enhancement will fortify customers’ operational environments, assets, and data against cyber threats.

Maritime Security and IT Ops face mounting challenges due to limited resources and escalating threats. This complexity burdens Captains, CSOs, Vessel Operators, and Crews, diverting their focus from fleet operations. To address this, Dryad Global is partnering with BlackBerry to deliver a robust solution that encompasses a full range of cybersecurity services and an emergency response mechanism for maritime incidents. The core of this alliance involves integrating Dryad Global’s ARMS platform with BlackBerry’s Cylance® AI, ensuring top-tier AI-driven security and specialized consultations. This collaboration aims to safeguard vessel networks’ most susceptible component: endpoints.

Harnessing BlackBerry’s technology and Dryad Global’s ARMS Cyber Security, this partnership caters to diverse maritime sectors, including cargo, cruise, superyachts, and insurance, emphasizing optimal protection against current and future threats.

Dryad Global will also roll out avant-garde managed cybersecurity solutions, notably a 360-degree threat assessment, remote software, and a 24/7 expert cybersecurity team anchored by a state-of-the-art Security Operation Center (SOC). With a prevention-centric strategy, this alliance will grant exceptional insight into maritime cyber threats, enabling clients to make informed, risk-mitigated decisions. Clients also stand to gain from discounted maritime cyber insurance provided by Beazley Insurance.

“With a surge in endpoints within the maritime and superyacht sectors, cyberattacks are on the rise. Our collaboration with BlackBerry is a proactive response, aiding maritime professionals in adapting to an evolving threat landscape,” said Corey Ranslem, CEO Dryad Global. “Dryad Global’s commitment lies in holistic security, right from the ocean floor. With Cylance AI, we’re channeling cutting-edge, prevention-focused technology, ensuring our ARMS customers receive top-tier protection.”

Cylance AI launched in 2012 as the industry’s first AI cybersecurity solution and the industry’s first predictive cybersecurity solution and has protected businesses and governments globally from cyberattacks since its inception, with a multi-year predictive advantage.

“Predictive cybersecurity solutions aren’t just the future, they’re our present-day guards, defending against digital threats before they even knock on the door,” said Nathan Jenniges, Senior Vice President and General Manager, BlackBerry Spark. “In line with BlackBerry’s decades-long ethos that best-in-class security and productivity can coexist, Cylance AI enables organizations to stay ahead of cyberattacks without sacrificing operational efficiency.”

Dryad Global and BlackBerry’s Cylance AI solutions are marked by high efficacy rates, consuming up to 95% less CPU compared to competitors. With an encompassing network, endpoint, and cloud portfolio, the Dryad Global, BlackBerry solution provides sturdy defense for fleets and vessels of any size, as well as rapid incident resolution and reduced revenue impact.

Dryad Global’s nuanced approach to threat analysis aids maritime professionals in recognizing fleet or vessel vulnerabilities. Leveraging BlackBerry’s AI and machine learning, Dryad Global pre-emptively identifies and neutralizes threats, minimizing potential breaches and their associated repercussions.

Partnership Highlights & Benefits:

Endpoint Security: AI-powered protection and threat prevention even offline, without the need for daily scans or updates.

Connectivity Independence: Functions without internet, cloud, or satellite connections, with the AI engine residing directly at the endpoint.

Unified Console:

Configure features

Visualize, interpret, and respond to data and threats

Desktop and mobile agent support

Operational Efficiency:

Rapid incident response

Cost-effective solutions

Enhanced efficiency with endpoint security solution consolidation

Over 30% time reduction in annual security incident investigation and recovery (as per the Forrester TEI study commissioned by BlackBerry)

Comprehensive Assessments:

Compromise assessments

GDPR compliance

Cyber due diligence

Third-party risk assessments

Managed Services:

IT outsourcing

Help desk support

Global Security Operation Center (SOC)

Advanced Features:

Hardening of devices, applications, and data

Easy and secure employee connectivity

Quick detection and effective response

Reduction in alert fatigue by autonomous grouping and correlation, decreasing alerts by up to 90%

Simplified setup, maintenance, and management


Compatible with cloud-native, hybrid, and on-premises software stacks, ensuring optimum performance in any environment.

Source: Dryad Global

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