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DSME Develops a Cargo Containment System Work Condition Display

Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) has developed a system that can remotely control the temperature and humidity in the cargo hold of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) carrier, the company announced.

The shipbuilder has applied the cargo hold environmental monitoring and remote control system to actual LNG carriers.

The system detects the temperature, humidity, and dew points in the cargo hold using internet of things (IoT) sensors and provides the information to PCs and mobile devices in real time through communication equipment.

A cargo hold, which is considered the core of an LNG carrier, is sensitive to temperature and humidity as it is made of invar, a nickel–iron alloy.

Through this system, operators can check the cargo hold data in real time and remotely adjust the temperature and humidity.

In the past, field workers visited ships on quay walls of shipyards and checked the temperature and humidity by hand. However, it was difficult to check measured values in real time so workers had to directly go inside and outside a ship, triggering concerns about safety.

DSME had conducted several tests until 2021, and laid the foundation for applying this system to all LNG carriers to be built at shipyards. The shipbuilder plans to develop unmanned and fully automatic control using AI in the future.
Source: Business Korea

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