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Eco Wave Power Receives the Innovation Award from AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, as it Strides towards its First U.S. Based Wave Energy Project

Eco Wave Power Global AB (publ) (Nasdaq Capital Market: WAVE) (“Eco Wave Power” or “EWP” or the “Company”), a leading, publicly traded onshore wave energy company, is pleased to announce that founder and CEO Inna Braverman was named the recipient of AltaSea’s Innovation Award, given annually to companies or individuals that are creating innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.

The theme for this year’s Blue Hour was “Women Stewarding the Ocean,” and featured four women honored at the event, including Academy Award-winning director James Cameron’s Avatar Alliance Foundation Creative Director Kim Butts, Santa Monica College Dean Dr. Patricia Ramos, and AltaSea Emeritus Founding Board Member Camilla Townsend.

John Molina, a philanthropist, and Founder of Pacific6, who built Molina Healthcare, Inc. from a fledgling start-up into a Fortune 200 company, won the Innovation Award last year for his groundbreaking work in aquaculture, and presented Braverman with this year’s Innovation award

While introducing Inna he said as follows: “Innovation is about turning ideas into reality. Lots of us have ideas, but it takes a certain person to build a certain team to take that to reality. Our award winner today, Inna Braverman, has a wonderful backstory that I’ll let her tell you. She has overcome challenge after challenge after challenge, from the point of her birth until even last week. But through it all, she came up with a wonderful idea, and built a team that has taken a company public and is continuing with the vision that she had for a successful, sustainable company.”

Braverman, in her acceptance speech, said: “I am extremely proud to be here today and be honored with the Innovation Award for women stewarding the ocean. This award embodies two of my greatest passions – one is my work with Eco Wave Power and the second is my efforts to promote gender equality in the STEM sector,”. “I founded Eco Wave Power when I was 24, and back then everyone told me that wave energy is impossible, but I kept working hard to prove that wave energy is possible. I never gave up.

Now, Eco Wave Power has a grid connected power station in Jaffa Port, in Israel, a planned pilot station here in the Port of Los Angeles, which will be the first of its kind in California, and a first commercial scale power station in final planning phases in Portugal.

I strongly believe that wave energy, and Eco Wave Power, will be a significant part of the world’s renewable energy mix, and a significant resource in the fight against climate change” added Inna.

Braverman concluded her acceptance speech by asking for prayers and support for her home country of Israel, receiving applause:

“While we are having a Blue Hour here, Israel is having one of its darkest hours, with over 1,300 citizens killed and more than 100 citizens kidnapped in Gaza. In these dark days, I would ask you to support Israel and stand with Israel. Because in the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Previous Innovation Award recipients include Robert Downey Jr.’s FootPrint Coalition and Esri’s Dr. Dawn Wright, the first Black person to dive to the deepest point on Earth. At previous Blue Hour events, ocean explorers Dr. Bob Ballard, Sylvia Earle, and Phillippe Cousteau were honored for their contributions to ocean innovation and exploration.

AltaSea is the home of Eco Wave Power’s first-ever US pilot station, which is set to be installed in the coming months. The energy conversion unit has been on static display at AltaSea, allowing prominent policymakers, businesses, celebrities, and philanthropists to tour the station and see the technology in person.

At Saturday’s award ceremony, the energy conversion unit was a part of a live art installation, with Los Angeles-based artist Stephanie Sherwood painting a compelling mural on the side of the conversion unit featuring sea creatures local to San Pedro, including sea lions.

“Blending art with important causes like ocean conservation is an important way to spur others into action,” said Braverman. “Art is a powerful medium and by having our energy conversion as a part of a live art installation we hope to inspire others to get involved in growing the blue economy.”

In the past year, Ms. Braverman has hosted multiple prominent celebrities, policymakers, and philanthropists at the station, including former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Melanie Lundquist, Kat Taylor, and others, to showcase the technology and the simplicity of Eco Wave Power’s patented design.
Source: Eco Wave Power

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