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Fed Sent $88.5 Billion in Profits to U.S. Treasury in 2020

The Federal Reserve sent $88.5 billion in profits to the U.S. Treasury Department in 2020, a nearly two-thirds increase from the previous year as lower rates held down the central bank’s interest expense.

The Fed’s payments to the Treasury had fallen over the previous four years as interest rates rose, boosting the reserves it paid on deposits that private banks keep at the Fed’s regional reserve banks. The Fed also began shrinking its portfolio of assets, reducing its overall net income.

In 2020, the Fed lowered rates to near zero in response to the economic downturn wrought by the coronavirus pandemic, sharply reducing interest payments on banks’ excess reserves.

Lower interest expense boosted the Fed’s net income to $88.8 billion in 2020, from $55.5 billion in 2019, according to preliminary estimates of the central bank’s annual financial statement, released Monday.

The Fed is required to use its revenue to cover operating expenses and send much of the rest to the Treasury’s general fund, where it is used to help cover the government’s bills.

The Fed payments to Treasury, called remittances, hit a record in 2015 due to swelling interest income from its huge bondholdings.

Monday’s report showed the 12 Fed reserve banks’ operating expenses totaled $4.5 billion in 2020, unchanged from the previous year.

Monday’s figures are preliminary and could be adjusted when the Fed’s audited financial statements are released in March.
Source: Dow Jones

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