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First commercial B100 Stem in Germany – A Collaboration Between Jan De Nul Group and BMT Bunker

Jan De Nul Group’s trailing suction hopper dredger “Kaishuu” and BMT Bunker and Mineralöltransport GmbH have successfully executed a groundbreaking bunkering operation with 100% sustainable biofuel. The dredger is performing dredging works on the river Elbe. We are pleased to share the details of this significant collaboration and delivery.

UCOME – A Step Towards Sustainability
This delivery, the first of its kind in Germany, comprised 1,200 tons of UCOME (Used Cooking Oil Methyl Ester), an environmentally friendly biodiesel derived from recycled cooking oil.

UCOME plays a vital role in reducing dependence on fossil fuels and minimizing environmental impacts in the maritime sector.

ISCC Certification and Sustainability
This UCOME biodiesel carries the prestigious ISCC (International Sustainability and Carbon Certification) certification, ensuring compliance with the highest sustainability standards. ISCC certification guarantees that the entire supply chain is environmentally friendly and socially responsible, promoting a sustainable future.

CO2 Equivalent Savings
Through this innovative delivery, we were able to save 85% of CO2 equivalents on the full lifecycle. This constitutes a significant contribution to reducing climate impacts within the maritime industry and takes us a step closer to a more sustainable future.

B100 – A Complete Replacement for Fossil Fuels
The delivered biodiesel was provided in the form of B100, signifying it as a complete replacement for fossil fuels. This significantly reduces environmental impacts and encourages the use of more eco-friendly fuels.

The “Finja” for Efficient Bunkering
BMT Bunker and Mineralöltransport GmbH employed the “Finja” tanker for the secure and efficient bunkering of UCOME to the Kaishuu. This collaboration underscores our commitment to safe and efficient bunkering processes.

Jan De Nul Group and BMT Bunker and Mineralöltransport GmbH take pride in jointly taking this significant step towards sustainability in the maritime sector.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the competent authorities and organizations for their support. This successful bunkering operation serves as a strong testament to our shared commitment to making the maritime industry more environmentally friendly and sustainable, while bolstering the maritime industry in Germany.
Source: Jan de Nul Group, BMT Bunker

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