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Four Advanced AI Solutions to Boost Maritime Safety

The world is interconnected through global trade, especially with seaborne trade and maritime transport being the principal transport mode. On average, 90% of world trade is carried by sea. Statistics project that by 2020, world seaborne trade will reach 60,000 billion ton-miles, and approximately 84,500 billion ton-miles by 2040.

Despite decades of improvements, yet accidents continue to happen, with more than 90% involving human mistakes. Fortunately, a new factor of operation—artificial intelligence (AI)—is emerging that can help kick-start safety, efficiency, and profitability.

By combining multiple technologies, AI can then sense, comprehend, act and learn from previous mistakes. Research shows that AI has the potential to improve the industry performance by 89%, consequently unlock up to EUR450 billion of value for transport and logistics businesses.

But this will only happen if organizations adopt a people-first mindset and take bold and responsible steps to apply AI technologies to their business. To help, Nautix Technologies has identified four ways to help seize the AI opportunity:

1. Manage Operational Risk
Thanks to deep analytical capabilities, your business can analyse accidents in the past to recognising trends and causing factors; consequently predicting and sending alerts to crew members through their task management application if there are any operational risks.
2. Optimise Voyage
AI technology can also help to guide captains to make more profitable and safer choices throughout the voyages by analysing data — such as weather patterns, port conditions including loading time, and route updates.

3. Predict Maintenance
Based on vessels operation data, AI can help detecting any technical anomalies, allowing operators to optimise and perform maintenance activities, which will significantly reduce the costs of unexpected maintenance stoppages or the risk of machinery damage incidents.

4. Improve Navigation
By combining with sensor technology. AI can also elevate vessels navigation system, minimise marine collisions due to congestion, severe weather or low light conditions.

Source: Article By Tarang Valecha, CEO and Co-Founder of Danish startup Nautix Technologies, Arranged on Behalf of Hellenic Shipping News Worldwide (https://www.nautixtech.com/how-ai-minimises-maritime-accident/)

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