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France’s gas supplier Engie sees more LNG arrival by boat

France’s leading gas supplier Engie said it’s much better prepared for this winter with an increase of liquefied natural gas (LNG) arrivals by boat carriers, a company executive said.

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Engie’s chairman of the board and director, told French broadcaster France Inter that 30 to 40 LNG boat carriers arrive in France every week now, compared to just 10 last year.

“We are much better prepared than what we feared three or four months ago,” he said, adding that his team has made “extraordinary efforts” in order to fill the gas storage and secure gas supply.
According to Clamadieu, France’s gas storage facilities are at 95 percent full, while Europe’s average gas storage is filled at 90 percent.
Despite the gas storage, Clamadieu said the country still relies on mild weather and a targeted 10 percent energy consumption cut to survive the winter months without difficulty.

The French government has called on the people to reduce heating to 19 degrees Celsius from 20 degrees Celsius, and Clamadieu said this one degree Celsius indoor temperature drop will bring a 7-percent saving on the country’s gas consumption.

He also announced Engie’s 100 euros (100 U.S. dollars) aid to its clients who benefit from energy checks, adding that it is the company’s responsibility to help France and its customers through the winter.

As Europe’s energy crisis escalates, the French government has announced that the energy price hikes for households will be capped at 15 percent next year and a tariff shield will take effect for gas in January and for electricity in February.
Source: Xinhua

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