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GMS: “Safety is a mission not an intermission”

Fifteen participants gathered at Yard No. 128 in Alang, India for a training on confined spaces and its hazards to learn corresponding prevention techniques when working in such spaces on ships during the recycling process.
During the training, workers shared their past experiences to better recognize any incorrect practices and used safety equipment such as SCBA sets and Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBDs) to gain technical skills that could help them in future situations.

In Plot No. 54, almost 50 workers and safety officers attended a Work at Height training in order to understand the locations where it’s required and how to mitigate potential risks through hands-on experience with safety harnesses, life lines and fall arrestors. They also learned the importance of barricading open areas on ships with guard rails and ropes as well as the proper positioning of ladders and pulleys for the most safe and effective methods to pull/lower items from ships.

The final training of the month at Plot No. 11 taught workers about general safety measures and provided them with a list of rules to follow to avoid potential accidents. From fire hazards and inadequate illumination to slips and falls, trainers informed the attendees about safety conditions, the significance of emergency exit routes both onboard the ship and in the yard, and the need to maintain equipment used daily during ship recycling, such as cranes, winches and loading vehicles. The workers also gained hands-on experience with creating emergency preparedness & response plans and first aid procedures to better understand the appropriate measures to be taken.

This month, GMS won the prestigious Green Shipping Award at the Seatrade Maritime Awards in honor of its tireless efforts to promote responsible ship recycling practices and improve the environmental, health, and safety standards of the industry worldwide. We are honored to be recognized and thank you for your ongoing support. GMS will continue promoting environmentally sustainable practices through our various green initiatives, such as these monthly trainings!
Source: GMS

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