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Goltens leads the charge to ballast water treatment

Tightening ballast water treatment regulations are driving shipowners down many paths to compliance. One thing they all have in common, though, is the need for efficient and reliable retrofitting of their ballast water treatment systems (BWT).

Goltens is the market leader in BWT retrofits, with a wide range of shipowners who have chosen Goltens to keep them BWT compliant while minimizing asset downtime and cost. The reasons for their BWT choices vary, from beating the rush to compliance, to ensuring the necessary flexibility for vessels calling at ports around the world. Regardless of reasoning, compliance must go hand in hand with satisfying a wide range of owner requirements.

Different trades will require different BWT solutions, sometimes even for the same owner, so broad experience is a critical factor to consider when choosing a retrofitter. Goltens has been successful in transferring experience between BWT systems without missing a beat, allowing owners to deal with a single, trusted engineering and retrofit partner, while retaining the option of choosing the optimal system to meet their needs.

Global presence is another must-have for many owners when selecting a BWT service provider. Goltens fits the bill with workshops around the world, and experienced staff ready to roll to where the work is on a moment’s notice.

Not only tightening, the regulatory environment is also becoming increasingly complex, with regional, national and international authorities all flexing their muscles, and on their own timelines. Meeting these shifting demands in the future requires flexibility and knowledge that only experience can provide, and customers consistently confirm the breadth and depth of Goltens’ BWT experience.

Through it all, good relationships are at the core of any successful retrofit. Goltens takes pride in a high employee retention rate, and our customers appreciate being able to deal with the same experts over time, building trust and easing communication for both parties. The same applies to communications between Goltens and class representatives on behalf of clients, ensuring the smoothest possible path to compliance.

Source: Goltens

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