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Goodwood Ship Management Accorded the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2019

With the theme of ‘Promoting Inclusive Economic Development Through Sustainable Entrepreneurship’, over 300 attendees were present at the by-invitation only event, comprising of industry leaders and dignitaries.

Leading the list of winners was Goodwood Ship Management, which received the award under the Corporate Excellence category for Transportation & Logistics industry.

Captain A.R. Sabnis, Managing Director of Goodwood Ship Management receiving the APEA 2019 Singapore Corporate Excellence Award on behalf of the Company.

As an independent ship management company, Goodwood offers a comprehensive range of high quality marine services. It currently manages vessels for clients in Singapore, Thailand, Norway, Japan, Greece, China and USA.

The Company is managed by a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of shipping background and operational expertise to handle the most complex international shipping operations. It allows ship owners to secure and service long-term contracts from the most demanding charterers. Driven to exceed the expectations of its customers, it prioritises the needs of its customers by providing safe and cost-effective ship management– synergistically working in partnership with its customers.

Vision: To be the leading provider of quality ship management services to the marine industry

Mission: To be a role model in the industry by providing highly professional, dedicated and transparent ship management services to customers and clients; to prevent human injury, loss of life and to avoid any harm to the environment by pursuing a policy of zero accidents and zero spills.; to encourage and foster an innovative spirit with the aim of continuously seeking improvements to the quality and services offered to customers; to build a long-lasting relationship with customers and employees and to continuously excel industry’s highest standards; to conserve energy through operation and equipment modification.

Corporate Values: Strength through stability and continuity, quality through professionalism and reliability of service, teamwork within and with clients, loyalty to employees at sea and ashore, creativity, and responsiveness to customers’ needs

Corporate Culture and Company Activities

Safety culture lies at the heart of all Goodwood’s service. This, combined with striving for operational excellence, ensures that everyone at Goodwood is focused on managing ships with the utmost safety and with the highest operating standards. The Company is committed to conducting its business in a responsible, ethical and sustainable manner.

Its CSR activities encompasses the following:-

Social Responsibility: Goodwood supports the development of seafarers and staff both socially and economically through providing them with proper education and training. Other social activities include family get together and company seminars.

Environment: Goodwood maintains an excellent safety record through its adoption of zero accidents and zero spills policy. As a testament to Goodwood’s high safety record, all tankers under Goodwood’s management are qualified for Qualship 21 program by US Coast Guard Authorities and Green Award Programme by Green Award foundation Netherlands. The Company recognises the importance of preserving the natural environment and clean seas in order to create a sustainable society for our future generations. Its managed vessel are fitted with ballast water management systems and scrubber systems for air pollution control.

Safety & Health: The Company is committed to give priority to occupational health; promote safety at sea; the prevention of human injury, ill health or loss of life; prevention of pollution of the marine environment and to property; and to continuously improve in occupational health and safety, environmental, and energy performance.

Achievements and Impact

At present, Goodwood occupies 15,140 sqft and manages a diversified fleet of 51 vessels comprising of VLCCs, Suezmaxes, Aframaxes, MR Chemical / Product tankers, VLGCs, LPG and Container vessels.

The Company also specialises in marine consultancy and new building supervision. Its Marine Consultancy services covers a wide range of expertise in the new building sector and has undertaken various new construction projects including VLCCs, container vessels, and chemical tankers at major Japanese, Korean and China shipyards.

Currently Goodwood maintains a pool of 853 experienced British, Australian, Indian, Chinese & Filipino Officers and over 1100 Filipino / Indian Ratings in the system. It also has 208 cadets comprising of deck cadets, engine cadets and electrical cadets in the system with one of the VLCC assigned as a dedicated cadet training ship. To acquire a well-rounded cadet training experience, its cadets are rotated on all types of tankers.

Besides, Goodwood commits itself to developing its seafarers by providing structured career development of its officers, proactively promote on-board safety culture and engage in the highest levels of training to prevent human injury, loss of life and to avoid damage to the environment, crew training initiatives through seminars, on board trainings by the company trainer sailing on board the ships and other suitable refresher training. Through these initiatives and strong bonding with its seafarers, Goodwood has achieved high crew retention rates and as of 31 December 2018 for officers is 94.5% and for ratings is 95.4%.

To date, Goodwood holds the following Accreditations: ISM Document of Compliance by American Bureau of Shipping; ISO 9001, 14001, 50001 & OHSAS 18001 by American Bureau of Shipping; Technical manager for the tanker Owners having long term contracts with various Oil Majors; U.S. Coast Guard Qualship 21 programme for tankers; U.S. Coast Guard Quality Shipping in the 21st century; Green Award by Green Award Foundation; ISO 27001 Standard for Cyber Risks & Security.

Future Direction

Goodwood maintains an excellent safety record through its adoption of zero accidents and zero spills policy. The Company aims to further strengthen its track record on safety and operations which has gained the trust of oil companies thereby allowing ship owners whose vessels are managed by Goodwood to secure long term charter with the oil majors.

The Company aims to maintain continuity among the officers and crew on board the managed vessels. It strives to support owners through delivery of safe, efficient, quality and cost-effective ship management solutions and this is reflected in the performance, oil major vetting inspections and commercial operations of the vessels under its management.

Goodwood hopes to continuously provide high quality ship management services to present and potential future customers by developing its seafarers in order to maintain a consistently high safety standard in its operations.
Source: Goodwood Ship Management

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